Kathmandu College of Management

Gwarko, Lalitpur


Established in 1996, Kathmandu College of Management (KCM) is the first college to introduce Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program in Nepal. Since then, KCM has become one of the most preferred choice for students who want to pursue BBA education in Nepal with its reputations of not only providing quality management education but also equipping students with the necessary skills and mindset to excel in today’s competitive, complex and ever changing business environment.

Affiliation and Recognition

  • KCM is in partnership with Siam University, Thailand from the year 2014. Founded in the year 1965, Siam University is the fifth largest university in Thailand with a study body of more than 15,000. Siam University has academic collaborations with more than 60 universities all over the world and has gained international accreditation and recognition.
  • The course is recognized by the Ministry of Education, United Grants Commission and has acquired equivalency with Tribhuvan University regarding the course.

KCM has believed in the culture where it keeps the students first and carries along the learning process with the team work between the students and the education providers.

The culture reared by KCM can be stipulated in the following points.

Students First

"Students Come First" is the idea behind everything we do at KCM. In every event or activity of the college, students are the focus point. Talk to any of the college staff or meet any of our faculty, the utmost importance of students for overall success of the college and its programs becomes obvious. KCM is indeed a student-centered college.


Teamwork is a key factor that differentiates KCM from other colleges. In every curricular and co-curricular matter, teamwork among students, faculty, faculty and students, and faculty and management is very crucial part of KCM culture. The great emphasis on teamwork has significantly contributed to making our programs highly effective.

Learning by Doing

Students learn effectively by doing. In every subject, students get ample opportunities to learn through involvement in several assignments, projects, papers, presentations and cases that add value to the learning process.

Students' Initiatives

The very first lesson students get at KCM is to take initiative. Whether it is an academic matter or co-curricular activities, the stress is on their own initiatives. Their own initiatives facilitated by faculty and management create an environment that stimulates learning at KCM.

Student Council and Clubs

KCM Student Council is an initiative of KCM students. It was established with a vision to promote a cooperative culture amongst the students and to enhance their leadership skills. The basic objective of KCMSC is to provide students a platform for over-all development, with specific emphasis on co-curricular activities. To achieve this objective, KCMSC promotes and organizes various activities within and outside the college. These activities are conducted by the clubs, under the guidance and support of the council and the management. The clubs under the KCM-SC are: Sports Club, Junior Achievers Forum (JA Club), Arts Club, Social Welfare Club, Career Club, IT Club, and Publication Club.

Salient Features

  1. Case-based practical learning approach with curriculum relevant to the current market scenario
  2. An international degree in partnership with Siam University, Thailand
  3. 7th semester to be studied in Siam University Campus in Bangkok, Thailand
  4. International study tours to Australia, China, India and Japan
  5. A student council with six clubs to promote synergistic culture while enhancing leadership and networking skills
  6. A strong network of alumni spread across the world
  7. Over 10 months of internship during the 4 year course
  8. Career Hub- a dedicated center for career counseling, internship and job placements
  9. Partnerships with national and international organizations for exposure
  10. Center for Research Excellence- a center for research and academic journal writing and publishing
  11. Kuber Wiz- a real world stock trading and investment program for the students to learn about stock market
  12. Various need-based and merit-based scholarships available

Admission Guidelines

We at KCM welcome students that are focused and true to their ambitions. KCM believes that consistency is the key to success. Therefore, we welcome students with an aptitude to work and learn continuously and churn out good results.

Students who have completed their Grade 12 or equivalent from any discipline can apply for the program. To be eligible, you need a passing grade with minimum Grade C in all subjects. Students with GED certification must have passed and attained a minimum score of 600. The student is required to submit the application form along with the following documents:- 

  • Transcript and certificate of grade 12 or equivalent 
  • Certificate and Transcript of Grade 10
  • Character certificate (SEE and Grade 12) 
  • Provisional certificates 
  • Migration certificate 
  • Citizenship card 
  • Passport 

Students waiting for Grade 12 results can apply on a provisional basis. 


I. Swangsri Sivakriskul Jehendar Scholarship – 5 students

With a commitment to attracting the brightest talent for the International BBA program, Kathmandu College of Management has pledged financial support to high achievers from underprivileged backgrounds. Swangsri Sivakriskul Jehendar Scholarship Program is a need- based endowment awarded for outstanding academic merit. It covers a full tuition waiver so that students have access to a fulfilling learning environment, with the hope that the scholars will contribute to their communities after they graduate.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

1. Swangsri Sivakriskul Jehendar Scholarship Program is open to all Nepali citizens. To be eligible for selection;

2. Students must have attained at least 80% marks in School Leaving Certificate from a government school

3. Secured above 75% marks for 10+2 board results from any private or public institutions.

4. Display strong leadership qualities and good character.

5. Priority will be given to applicants from low-income families or marginalized communities.

ii. Application Process

1. In order to apply for the scholarship program, students must be admitted to the KCM – Siam University International BBA program.

2. Submit the Scholarship Application form along with the other admission requirements. 

3. Write a personal statement explaining why you deserve to be awarded the financial aid.

4. Please nominate 2 references (other than family member or relative) who can vouch for your family’s economic status and whom we can contact.

III. Merit Based Scholarship – 7 Students

Sponsored by KCM, Merit scholarship is awarded each year to student who demonstrates exceptional academic ability. This scholarship is targeted for freshmen and is awarded in the following year. The award includes 100% tuition fees for that year.

Eligibility and selection criteria:

1. Student must have successfully completed his/her academic year (1st/2nd/3rd).

2. Student must top his/her respective batch for a year.

IV. Management Appreciation Scholarship – 1 Student

Management appreciation scholarship is awarded by the management to those students who exhibit great potential in academics and extracurricular activities. The management individually considers the fourth year students during the selection.

V. Student Council Scholarship – 2 Students

The student body of KCM provides two scholarships to students with outstanding academic achievement and leadership involvement. Scholarship holders of Student Council Scholarship receive 20% off in their tuition fees.

a. Best Council Member Award

Best Council Member award is provided by the Student Council, for those students with outstanding contribution to the council and its events as well as strong leadership quality

b. Platinum Excellency Scholarship

Platinum Excellency Scholarship is for the students of final year. Students who have actively contributed in council events for 3 consecutive years are eligible. They are required display strong leadership quality along with their excellent academic background.

Eligibility and selection criteria:

1. Student must have completed their 3 years.

2. Student is required to display strong leadership quality along with their excellent academic background.


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