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Bachelor of Arts in Social Work is a four-year academic program under Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tribhuvan University. The major aim of this program is to produce generalist social workers to fulfill the need of contemporary Nepal as well as the world. In order to achieve this goal, it offers altogether 8 papers including compulsory fieldwork, research work, academic writing, and report writing courses in different semesters.

Why This BASW?

BASW degree comprises the following four separate and distinct course components:

  1. A strong foundation in allied areas of Societies such as language, castes, gender issues, marginalized peoples, indigenous groups, culture, tradition, ethnicity, economic analysis, legal environment, and quantitative methods to prepare the graduates to understand, analyze and comprehend the societies concepts, theories and practices.
  2. Core Social studies encompassing and integrating all functional areas to provide graduates with an appreciation of the diversity and inter-relationship of society and social issues.
  3. The opportunity to concentrate in one area of specialization such as gender issues, environmental, women empowerment, income generation, deprived and marginalized peoples, indigenous group, social organization, Social organization, Social Policy and Evaluation, Community Organization, Management of Human Services, Children and Youth in Families and Society, Health and Mental Health Society, Community and Social Systems, International Social Welfare and Services to immigrants and Refugees and so on in order to provide graduates with some degree of functional expertise.
  4. The opportunity to choose any sectoral social area such as -Contemporary Social Issues, – Aging – Health, Mental Health, and Disabilities – Family, Youth and Children Services – School-Based and School- Linked Services -The World of Work – International Social Welfare and Services to Immigrants and Refugees, as an elective course, to enable graduates to apply the core and functional knowledge and skills in their chosen sector of society.

Why BernHardt College?

  • Proven Academic Excellence: Displaying proven academic performance with excellent TU results
  • Social Organization Interaction: Guest lecture series and interaction with renowned social work activities, motivator and renowned personalities from different social organizations
  • Renowned Faculty Members: Owning highly experiences, dynamic, dedicated and renowned faculty members imparting their experiences
  • Perfect Teaching Methodology: Adopting perfect teaching methodology by the insertion of theoretical and practical approaches aided with classroom presentation, research and project work
  • Monthly Guest Lectures: Motivational, monthly guest lecturers from experts to assist to explore a deeper knowledge further
  • Frequent Exams and Assessment: Assessing performance appraisal through frequent exams including unit tests, term exams, and prompt feedback
  • Supplementary Courses: The blending of the prescribed curriculum with time tested supplementary courses to prepare a competent personality for the society need
  • Perfect Academic Environment: Maintaining peace and calm environment enhancing the academic environment and enabling the learning process
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