The objective of the BCA program of Tribhuvan University is to produce high quality computer application users and developers. The program of study for Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) is over a period of eight semesters (four academic years). The academic year begins in the September and February of each year. The medium of instruction and examination in the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) program is English.

Why BCA?

BCA graduates can apply for a post of system analysts, system managers, project managers, database administrators, system designers, and programmers in IT Companies. Information industries and manufacture industries are always seeking for BCA graduates. Students completing their Bachelor's degree in Computer Application are further eligible to study in any faculties which come under the Management and Information Technology such as MCA, MIT, MBA and many more.

Why Kathmandu BernHardt College?

BernHardt recognizes the significance of IT management studies and works to strengthen its foundation so that our young aspirants may become effective IT managers/programmers in the future. To attain this noble goal, the BCA program at BernHardt makes specific efforts in the following areas:

  • Internships at various IT and IT administration businesses.
  • Preferences for Seminars and other IT-related projects.
  • Consistent research and presentation.
  • Outstanding teachers with a track record of success and professional exposure.
  • Computer and digital laboratories that are well equipped.
  • Frequent evaluations and fast feedback.
  • Excursions to linked locations for educational purposes.
  • Job placement assistance through career coaching.
  • Improving the learning environment.