Kantipur Valley College

Kumaripati, Lalitpur
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Salient Features

Library Facilities

A well-stocked library has been created by Kantipur Valley College to facilitate its students and faculty. Great care and efforts have been taken for the adequate collection of textbooks, reference books, periodicals, national and international journals. The stock covers the areas of B-Tech, Management, Technology, and other relevant fields. Each student is encouraged to avail themself of this service.

Educational Tours

Kantipur Valley College family strongly believes that learning is not just limited to books and curriculum, it should widen up and an educational tour is one of the best methods to teach the students so that they will get practical knowledge in the real field. The KVC family organizes different education for all the students of Kantipur Valley College.


Kantipur Valley college has managed spacious and well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories with the latest equipment and sample specimens. The team is truly aware of the importance of practical Knowledge. All the students of B-Tech must practice in Labs where experienced & skilled technical and teaching staff are.

Extra-curricular Activities

Kantipur Valley College family believes that learning is not just limited to books and curriculum. SO, it emphasizes extra-curricular activities not only to maintain the mental fitness of students and teacher-staff but also to promote sportsmanship. Kantipur Valley College arranges its students ' participation in various events outside and inside the college. A team of professionals effectively trains and manages ECA.

Admission Guidelines

Program Seats Admission time
B.Tech (Biotechnology) 48 Sept/October
BBA Purbanchal University 80 Sept/October
MBA Purbanchal University 30 Fall: July /August and Spring: Jan/Feb
EMBA Purbanchal University 30 Fall: July /August and Spring: Jan/Feb


  1. B.Tech (Biotechnology): scholarship for entrance topper to 2 students. scholarship for marginalised people {aadibasi,janajati}
  2. BBA Purbanchal University: scholarship to entrance merit topper 4 seats

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Kantipur Valley College (KVC) was established in 2002 with an aim to provide an equal educational opportunity for all. It is situated at Kumaripati, Lalitpur, a growing center for all educational endeavors. The college is affiliated with Purbanchal University and runs a program in the science and management stream. It has provided its aim by providing the most affordable fee in Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA), Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) & B-Tech. The college is a multicultural, co-educational & open-minded learning center where students are prepared to face the emerging challenges in the modern world. The college is proud to have the students with multiple intelligence from all parts of the country.

With the changing scenario, Kantipur Valley College has brought the most demanding courses in the technical world, the B-Tech (Biotechnology). The institution is dedicated to preparing and developing capable Bio-engineers who can think innovatively, run strategically, and analyze critically, to fulfill the global Biotechnical demand.


To be a college of choice in Applied Science and Management for a sustainable future.


The college provides holistic education that nurtures excellence in research & teaching to meet market & stakeholders’ expectations. The college will accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing students with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to enhance career opportunities.
  • Advancing knowledge in the academic and professional communities through research, performance and scholarly activities.
  • Giving support and leadership to the various communities that we serve through direct access to the college’s pool of expertise.

Objectives and Goals

  • To create for students of KVC an additional avenue of self-employment and also benefit the industry by providing them with suitably trained persons.
  • To prepare students in order to explore opportunities being newly created in the Management Profession at Field.
  • To provide an adequate basic understanding of management education to the students.
  • To give adequate exposure to operational environment in the field of Management.
  • To inculcate training in the use of modern technology for the benefit of all parties concerned.

Message from the Principal

Pushpa Man Amatya

I welcome you to Kantipur Valley College with pride. It is an honor and privilege to be the principal of KVC, the college that stands for excellence and continuously sets the highest standards, and the college that has given this country many distinguished personalities and leaders in diverse field. Catering to more than 500 students, KVC is considered among the best and most sought college in the valley .

 I feel proud to provide quality education by furnishing our student with skills, confidence and appositive approach with an all-round development .the college is persistently striving to perceive and maintain academic excellence, at the same time, encourages the student to participate in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, an amiable environment at KVC nurtures creativity passion, resilience and leadership qualities among students for development of versatile personality.

 Our progressive management is looking forward and wants our institute to be known as undergraduate and post graduate institute of excellence, steps are taken in this direction and fruits of these efforts will be received by our students in the near future. The call of the time is to progress, not merely to move ahead. At KVC we want to give our students International exposure. We do have Students’ Exchange Programs with Foreign Universities. Many Foreign Universities are interested in Tie Ups with KVC. These collaborations will make it easy for KVCians to go abroad for further studies. Our teachers are committed and dedicated for the development of the institution by imparting their knowledge and ply the role of facilitator as well as role model to our students.

The members of the non teaching staff are highly dedicated with total commitment towards achievement of our mission and goals. The motto of the college, ‘I will and I can’, is truly inspiring to our students. It encourages them to realize their dreams and achieve their goals which otherwise seems impossible. At KVC, students and staff truly believe that nothing is impossible and that is the secret of KVC’s success. My good wishes to all.

Pushpa Man Amatya