This course combines essential principles of event management with cutting-edge marketing tactics, allowing you to develop a successful career as an event manager or comparable professional. This course will also provide you with an in-depth examination of contemporary topics in tourism and travel management. It benefits from close connections with business and government, as well as insights from international projects that investigate current issues such as how to develop local tourism marketing strategies, improve the quality of visitor attractions, and how local people can benefit from tourism development.

This curriculum is developed in response to the tourism and travel industry's need for specialized managers and planners. It is continually being updated to address the most current challenges and to train entrepreneurs for the demanding tourist business climate, including how to effectively manage operations even in a crisis. You'll learn about sustainable tourism management, cultural heritage, and tourism-led regeneration, as well as how to advertise tourism attractions and manage visitors. You will have the chance to investigate niche tourism goods, advise businesses on their social media strategy, and develop your own business strategies.

Career Opportunities

Your academic experience, we think, should be structured to enrich and support your professional life. We lay just as much emphasis on developing workplace skills as we do on mastering the academic field that you're studying.
This course is intended to provide an intellectually interesting and innovative program that will prepare you for a rewarding career in commercial, government, and non-profit tourist organizations, in positions such as:

  • research
  • consultancy,
  • tour operator
  • destination manager, and
  • road, rail, sea, and air transport management