Developed in collaboration with prominent industry professionals, you'll get insight into current business practices and the most cutting-edge international concepts. You may employ academic theory to tackle real-world business challenges with training in psychology, IT analysis, strategy, and leadership.

Our lecturers have professional consulting expertise in enhancing firm competitiveness, productivity, and bi-lingual business psychology, which is a great mix to help you enhance cross-border business connections. You'll be well-versed in the day-to-day operations of the organizations you wish to work for after being guided through the complete business management process, from conceptualization to final evaluation.

The degree prepares you for a career in international management by teaching you intellectual leadership and ethical thought, as well as providing you with the opportunity for approved work experience through our specialised Placement and Employability Unit.

Career Opportunities

  • International Business Analyst/Sales Manager
  • Export Sales Representative
  • Procurement Manager
  • Trade Analyst
  • International Management Consultant