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Himalayan College of Geomatic Engineering and Land Resource Management

Minbhawan, Kathmandu


Engineering is considered to be a fundamental component of the development and advancement of societies worldwide. However, in today's fast-paced, dynamic, and highly innovative global environment, traditional education alone may not suffice. To address the need for quality higher education institutions, Himalayan College of Geomatic Engineering and Land Resources Management has been offering a Bachelor's program in Geomatics Engineering since 2004. 

At the heart of Himalayan College of Geomatic Engineering and Land Resources Management lies a commitment to academic excellence, nurtured by a conducive learning environment, exceptional faculty, and dedicated management. The institute's modern infrastructure is designed to facilitate academic achievement and equip students with the knowledge and skills required to realize their potential in the 21st century. As one of the top academic institutions in the country, the college takes its responsibility of providing its students with relevant education very seriously.


  • To produce high level competent manpower in Geomatics Engineering.
  • To provide consultancy and other technical services to the local government bodies, business community, private enterprises, NGOs, INGOs etc on demand.
  • To conduct academic and applied research studies, surveys, conferences and seminars in the issues of national and international interests.
  • To expand necessary infrastructure as per the demand of the time and growing technology to provide the quality education required for the overall development of its students.

Salient Features


The library at GIT boasts an extensive assortment of resources including textbooks, reference books, and course manuals pertaining to all relevant programs. It also subscribes to a range of newspapers, magazines, national journals, and international journals. Furthermore, newly published books are continually added to the library's collection. In an effort to support students, the library offers books through both the book bank system and regular renewal system.

Computer Labs

The objective of the Computer Lab is to augment the learning experience of its users, comprising presently enrolled students, faculty, and staff, by leveraging technology in an innovative and effective manner. The lab strives to foster an atmosphere that bolsters the academic pursuits and caters to a diverse range of professional and personal requirements of its users. In pursuit of these objectives, the lab provides cutting-edge hardware and software resources of exceptional quality. At present, the laboratory is equipped with thirty computers and high-speed leased line internet access, available around the clock. The lab's operational hours are flexible and vary to accommodate the schedules of students, faculty, and staff.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Extra-curricular Department at the college arranges and oversees a wide range of activities beyond the regular curriculum. Its goal is to encourage students to actively participate in diverse extra-curricular events, which provide valuable experiences that can aid them in their future careers. The department assists students in organizing various social clubs, debate competitions, speech contests, college tours, field visits, etc. Such activities complement and reinforce the learning that takes place in the classroom, while also helping students improve their abilities to plan for the future and enhance their leadership skills and participation.


The college offers transportation services to its students residing within the Kathmandu valley, facilitating their commute to and from the college. To learn about the pickup and drop-off routes, please refer to the Transportation Route section.


The college intends to establish a charming rooftop garden cafeteria with a panoramic view of Kathmandu. This cafeteria will offer breakfast and lunch options for students and staff, including a variety of hot entrees, sandwiches, salads, snacks, and drinks at reasonable prices. The cafeteria also provides on-campus catering services. It remains open during college hours.

Evaluation and Grading

Purbanchal University follows an internationally recognized evaluation and grading system that involves two phases: internal evaluation by the respective subject teacher and external evaluation by the Office of the Controller of Examinations via semester exams. To pass a subject, students must score at least 40% in both the internal assessment and semester examination.

In order to appear in the final examination, students must pass the internal examination. The performance of each student in a subject is evaluated by the respective faculty member based on attendance, tutorials, lab work, and assignments, and by the college through unit tests and assessments.

Admission Guidelines

The entrance qualification is 10+2, HSC or certificate level academic qualification in science same as in other BE courses and requires good stereoscopic vision and basic knowledge in computer. The candidates with Diploma in surveying or engineering will also be allowed to attend the course.


The college will provide free ship (Tuition Fee) upto 10% students in each class and pursue various person and agencies to provide scholarships for more students.


Pashchimanchal Campus | Institute of Engineering
Pashchimanchal Campus | Institute of Engineering
  • Lamachaur, Pokhara, Pokhara Lekhnath, Kaski