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The Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch) program at HCOE spans five years, equivalent to ten semesters. This academic pursuit encompasses an extensive curriculum with 64 subjects and a total of 334 credit hours. It is a professional degree program that was established at HCOE in 2066 BS, initially admitting 24 students and subsequently expanding to accommodate 48 students from 2074 BS. Architecture holds a unique position among engineering disciplines as it revolves around human shelter, civilization, culture, and the symbiotic relationship between technology and the spaces and structures that shape our daily lives.

The Department of Architecture at HCOE is committed to providing a comprehensive architectural education that produces high-quality architects. This approach is rooted in studio-based learning, which integrates teaching, practical experience, and research.

Career Prospects of Bachelor of Architecture

After completing the B Arch degree, architects can pursue various career opportunities, including:

  • Project Architect
  • Building Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Freelancing Architects/Consultants
  • Establishing Their Own Firms
  • Project Managers
  • Lead Architects
  • Government Officer (Entry Level III Class Officer at DUBDC, Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Pashupati Dev., Lumbini Dev., Town Dev. Fund)
  • NGOs and INGOs
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