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Deerwalk Institute of Technology

Sifal, Kathmandu


Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) is a collaboration between Nepalese entrepreneurs and the USA based software company, Deerwalk Inc. The College supported by both Nepalese and American professionals who seek to improve the quality of Nepal’s education, and, by doing so, contribute to the nation’s economic development. With the help of it's industrial partner, Deerwalk Inc. the College aims to train technical professionals who have the capability to bring Nepal into the global marketplace.

Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) was established with the goal to graduate engineers and other technical professionals competent enough to face the challenges of an increasingly globally integrated industrial work environment. It offers Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc. CSIT) and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University.

The ultimate vision Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) is to be the premier institute of technology in Nepal and the South Asia region by taking a unique practical approach to modern technical education. We hope to bring together the best of theory and practical training so that our students receive not only an excellent education, but also four years of extensive hands-on experience.

Salient Features


DWIT library is run by the DWIT students. Library interns are appointed every sixth month with the responsibility of adding new books to the library, auditing books and assets on a regular basis among others.

The library provides a student with photocopy and printing facilities along with 24 hours internet facility. All of the library transactions are done using Gyansangalo which is DWIT’s Library Management System.

Non-Credit Courses:

Deerwalk Institute of Technology offers Non-Credit Courses on Java Programming Language and English language for five semesters to its B.Sc.CSIT students. Each student must take two credit courses on “College – English” right from 1st semester to the 5th semester and "Java Programming Language" from 3rd semester to 7th semester.These courses are designed in-house by taking help from experts who have spent more than five years working for major software companies of Nepal as well as outside of Nepal in enhancing the personal and professional interest of the students. These courses do not offer university credit.Even though it is a Non-Credit Course, all the students are expected to treat this like any of the credit courses and therefore are expected to complete all the assignments, quizzes and real-life projects.


DWIT gives equal emphasis on practical and theoretical knowledge. The College has well-equipped laboratory to help the students use the theoretical knowledge that they acquire in the class.

Recreational Areas:

DWIT focuses on overall development of our students. Recreational activities build confidence, freshen minds and help in the development of one’s personality. By recognizing such aspects we provide students as well as it's staff with ample recreational activities.

The activities are focused both inside and outside the campus. DWIT has different clubs taking responsibilities of conducting and managing such activities.


Here at DWIT, we have the best canteen facility with high quality, economical and hygienic foods and spacious and clean dining areas. Our canteen service that is assisted by Deerwalk Foods uses Canteen Management System to carry out the canteen transactions.

All members associated with DWIT can login into the system using their respective email and order the food from a wide range of ever-changing menu.

Admission Guidelines

DWIT believes in hassle free and time efficient admission procedure. The College also wants it's  prospective college students to know every detail about the school beforehand. To ensure this DWIT organizes multiple Open House Session (OHS) months prior to the beginning of admission procedure. The school admission opens generally around May every year.


Open House Session (OHS) is an interactive session where the college gives information about various aspects of studying in DWIT with the prospective students and the guardians. The session lasts for an hour. DWIT understands that choosing a school is a difficult task. Therefore, the College would like it's prospective parents/ students to get answers to all kind of questions that they would have before choosing a school. In this session, the College introduces different aspects of DWIT too.


Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) offers scholarships to deserving candidates as well. The College provides scholarship to top ten students [BSC.CSIT Course] and Top seven students [BCA course] in every semester. For the First Semester the scholarship is calculate on the basis of DAT [Deerwalk Aptitude Test] whereas moving forward from Second Semester, the scholarship depends solely on student’s academic performance (Mid-Term and Final Term).


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