Citizen's Colleges Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, affiliated to Pokhara University, prepares you for the wider range of business possibilities, both for entrepreneurial and employment capabilities. The courses on general management, accounting, organizational behavior and change, financial systems, information, and technology are designed to enhance your professional skills. Besides, English, communication, psychology, sociology, and other personality-related courses will endow you with all the interpersonal skills needed to become a competent, civilized, and responsible citizen of the country who can think and reason well all the business and social issues.

At a time when the business and economy of the world have been growing in both width and depth, the career-focused BBA program prepares you for taking up challenges and complexities created by the rapidly changing environment.

Besides, BBA is a practical and valuable degree that gains you a business qualification that provides exposure to the challenges of doing business in a global context. The program has wide conceptual inputs and has an emphasis on practical applications that familiarize students with the overall functioning of the organization and their interactions with the total environment within which they operate.