Caribbean College

Kumaripati,, Lalitpur




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Caribbean College, an affiliate of Tribhuvan University is located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur. It is a model college for having the prospects of bringing out successful, motivated and self-growing students. The students, at the end of their study, become individuals with their own drive and passion for the goals they want to achieve. The college offers pleasant environment with ample amount of materials and facilities that promote educational experience. 

Caribbean college overlooks the academic programs of Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) and Master of Business Studies (MBS). The college is highly diverse college with many students from the different parts of Nepal representing different cultures, ethnicity, religions and languages.

Academic excellence has surpassed its boundaries in this college. The teachers and the students have been able to build a strong network of ideas and innovations in the contemporary society. A key aim for the college is to contribute to the nation by the development of good citizens and a more caring, tolerant and ethically aware society. For many, studying at Caribbean may be a grand experience that changes their pattern of thinking, solving problems and behaviors to become much more better version of themselves. 

The college has a provision of highest quality of facilities for enhancement of  educational experiences. The academic standards are high, but it is to make students compete in the ever-growing competitive global market. 

The focus of Caribbean College is on students giving them the best possible education and a lot of fun along the way. The academic part of a student's life is much focused in a strict and disciplinary manner but at the same time, some recreational activities ensure that the students are also getting the touch of aesthetic and playful lives.

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