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Asian College of Higher Studies, School of Management - ACM is established with a spirit and dream to fulfill the contemporary need of the student to be a global citizen and leader. ACM has a rich variety of resources, a totally committed teaching team and a concern for all students to achieve their maximum potentials. Part of the experience of being a student here will be making discoveries about themselves and making the absolute most of their capabilities.

Ideally situated at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur ACM is established by an energetic team of educators, social workers and entrepreneurs having a sole spirit and dream to fulfill the contemporary need of management education for undergraduate and graduate levels students. Each level of the program brings about a perfect balance of academics and practical work experience using proven learning methodologies that provides every student with pathways to exciting career and future progress. ACM is committed to quality education that contributes every student transform into a globally competent citizen and leaders. The infrastructure, teaching aids, and facilities at ACM are designed to meet the contemporary need of management and education.


ACM is committed to providing a learning environment that strives in developing a community which will be dedicated to discover and disseminate relevant knowledge that helps the student to be creative and responsible managers, entrepreneurs and leaders.


ACM strives to establish an innovative academic institution in the nation to providing quality education in the field of management. It is always dedicated to transforming the students into a capable and confident leader with a rewarding life.


Leading the Nation Ahead.