BIT is a hands-on applied degree renowned for allowing students to tap the power of computing technology for real-world situations. Students will develop high-level technical abilities and a solid theoretical understanding of information technology concepts while exercising, and problem-solving skills. The program also focuses on the professional skills needed to work effectively in the industry. This course is designed for students willing to study the application of computer-based technology and system to meet individual and organizational information needs. The course enables students to gain the knowledge and skill needed to use IT effectively and to use, develop and manage IT-based systems. BIT is a practical-oriented course that prepares graduates to enter into the exciting field of information technology. The course covers the overall dynamic aspects of IT, from technical computing with the focus on the technology itself, to information and business-related themes with the focus on information needs and the way in which IT can be used to support them.

The key learning outcomes are:

  • Analyze, design, and develop software or computer systems and design secure networks & monitor them to handle data and information worldwide
  • Design and develop web, desktop, or mobile-based systems, build up websites, and create software applications to satisfy customer needs
  • Gain specialization in configuration, integration, development, and testing of systems and networks to meet industrial needs
  • Resolve system-related issues and troubleshoot communication and networking problems to ensure smooth operation
  • Acquire skills and expertise in intelligent information retrieval systems to benefit decision making bodies in an organization