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Interior Design Courses in Nepal

July 07, 2023
Interior Design Courses in Nepal

Interior design is a dynamic field that merges artistic expression with scientific principles to enrich the interiors of buildings. Its purpose is to fashion visually captivating and practical spaces that positively impact the well-being of individuals. An interior designer takes charge of planning, researching, coordinating, and supervising projects encompassing the selection and organization of elements such as colors, materials, furniture, lighting, and beyond. The ultimate objective is to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment that elevates the overall experience of those utilizing the space.

At the heart of interior design lies the fundamental aim of optimizing the functionality and usability of a space, while simultaneously considering the client's preferences and creating an atmosphere that harmonizes with the intended purpose of the area. Whether it pertains to a residential, commercial, or public space, interior designers strive to construct visually striking environments that promote comfort and seamlessly support the activities that unfold within them.

Interior Design in Nepal

Interior design in Nepal is witnessing notable expansion, placing emphasis on crafting functional and visually captivating spaces within buildings. This dynamic discipline amalgamates creativity, technical proficiency, and a deep understanding of clients' needs to transform interior spaces into inviting and aesthetically pleasing environments that prioritize comfort.

Nepal's rich cultural heritage and architectural traditions offer interior designers a remarkable opportunity to display their expertise. From traditional Nepalese homes to contemporary urban apartments and commercial establishments, interior designers in Nepal have the chance to work on a wide range of projects. This diversity allows them to explore various design styles and contexts, making valuable contributions to the field.

Interior Design Courses in Nepal

Diploma in Interior Design

The Advanced Diploma in Interior Design course offers a comprehensive 15-month program that focuses on equipping students with a solid understanding of design mechanics and principles. This course empowers students to create presentation drawings for diverse spaces, including buildings, offices, residences, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, and farmhouses. Alongside conceptual details, students gain in-depth knowledge of crucial elements such as costing, overall planning, and utilizing multimedia aids. By the end of the course, students possess a well-rounded skill set essential for success in the field of interior design.


Students who have complete SEE or equivalent are eligible to apply for Advanced Diploma in Interior Design course.

The course is currently offered by:

Bachelor of Interior Design

The Bachelor of Interior Design program, affiliated with Purbanchal University, spans four years and encompasses three years of full-time study, followed by a dedicated year focusing on internships. This program caters to students aspiring to pursue a professional career in the realm of built environments. It emphasizes the development of a comprehensive skill set, including a deep understanding of building construction, lighting, color, and furniture. Moreover, it fosters the ability to collaborate effectively with a diverse range of professionals. The program places equal emphasis on technical and design elements, alongside nurturing organizational and interpersonal skills that equip students to enter the workforce with confidence upon graduation.


Candidate should have completed schooling (10+2)/ intermediate or equivalent in any stream from recognized board or university with proficiency in English can apply for Bachelor in Interior Design program.

The course is currently offered by:

BA in Interior Architecture

The BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture, affiliated with Limkowing University in Malaysia, is an in-depth three-year program that combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications to tackle functional and aesthetic design complexities in diverse human environments. This comprehensive program covers residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Students who enroll in this program will develop a wide range of competencies, including architectural drafting, illustration, and presentation skills, such as creating presentation boards and perspective drawings. They will also gain design proficiency and a practical understanding of materials, resources, and business practices that are vital to the field of interior design.


Higher Secondary Education Certificate (HSCE) with minimum Grade C in any 2 subjects and Arts subject in Secondary Education Examination (SEE) or passed portfolio review for student or failed Arts in Secondary Education Examination (SEE)

The course is currently offered by:

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