Diploma in Interior Design

1 year(s)

Offering Colleges (1)

Diploma in Interior Design has been designed to equip the students with basic concepts of design mechanics and principles. Since beautiful interiors have become a basic need for everyone’s furnishings, fixtures and accessories has become the need of the day. 

Diploma in Interior Design  course enables the students to do presentation drawings for any building, office, residence, hotel, restaurant, show-room or a farm house. Every students get knowledge of not only the conceptual details but even a through idea of important aspects such as costing and overall planning and multimedia aids. 

After undergoing a rigorous training and getting exposure in several areas of designing like furniture, marble and granite work. Students learn to interact with clients such as designers and develop good corporate communication skills and acquire real industry experience. Getting employment is not a problem for any students after successful completion of the and large corporate houses are easy takers for such students.

Offering Colleges (1)

Curricular structure

Design Graphics
Design Theory
History of Interior Design
Color Theory
Furnniture Design
Building Construction
Furnishing and fittings
Interior Designing
Estimation and Costing
Computer Aided Designing (CAD)
VastuSastra, FengShui& Landscaping
Computer Aided Designing (CAD)
Outstanding Interiors & Current Trends
Professional Practice
General Competency
Portfolio/Project Work with Field Work