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Improving Your Break After SEE for Better Outcomes

April 17, 2024
Last updated April 29, 2024
Improving Your Break After SEE for Better Outcomes
KMC Lalitpur

For Secondary Education Examination (SEE) students in Nepal, the pivotal moment arrives as they wrap up their studies and face the prospect of choosing their educational path. This blog aims to provide valuable suggestions and insights into the available options, helping students make informed decisions about their future.

Excel in SEE: Lay a Strong Foundation

Before venturing into further education, the first and foremost step is excelling in the SEE examination. Strong academic performance opens up many possibilities and sets the stage for a successful academic journey.

Choosing the Right Path: +2, A Levels, IB, or Vocational Training

After completing SEE, students have various educational avenues to explore. Opting for traditional paths like Plus 2, A Levels, or the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs provides a solid foundation for higher education. Additionally, vocational training programs offer specialized skills development for those inclined towards practical, hands-on learning.

Follow Your Passion, Not Just the Paycheck

While career choices often come with the expectation of financial stability, it's crucial to prioritize passion and interest over societal expectations. Dispel the myth that certain professions guarantee wealth; any career pursued with dedication and enthusiasm has the potential for success.

Subject Selection

Aligning with Interests: Once you've chosen your educational board and institution, the next step is to contemplate the subjects you enjoy studying. The key is to move away from preconceived notions about lucrative professions. Whether you lean towards science, the arts, or commerce, the emphasis should be on your interest and aptitude.

Science Isn't the Sole Path to Success

It's imperative to debunk the notion that success is solely tied to pursuing science. Science is valuable, but success is equally attainable in arts, commerce, or vocational sectors. The key is to choose a path that resonates with your interests and strengths.

Passion Over Prestige:

Rather than pursuing a course for its prestige or societal approval, prioritize your passion. Success and contentment follow when you engage in work that aligns with your interests and motivations.

Continuous Exploration and Learning

The educational journey doesn't involve choosing boards or subjects. Embrace a mindset of continuous exploration and learning. Stay curious, be open to new opportunities, and consider pursuing higher education or specialized courses to enhance your skills.


In conclusion, the post-SEE phase is a critical juncture where students can shape their educational and professional trajectory. By prioritizing passion, interest, and informed decision-making, SEE students in Nepal can embark on a fulfilling journey toward success and personal growth. Remember, your education is a stepping stone to a brighter future, and your choices today will shape the path ahead.


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