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Exploring Mountain Studies Education in Nepal

September 11, 2023
Last updated September 13, 2023
Exploring Mountain Studies Education in Nepal

Education focused on mountain studies in Nepal is an exceptional and invaluable field that extensively explores the unique ecological, cultural, and geographical aspects of mountainous areas, with a particular focus on the majestic Himalayas. Nepal, situated amidst these towering peaks and home to world-famous summits like Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, plays a crucial role in advancing our understanding of mountain environments.

The importance of mountain studies education in Nepal cannot be emphasized enough. These specialized programs offer a vital resource for comprehending the complex challenges and opportunities presented by high-altitude ecosystems. As a nation intricately linked with the Himalayan range, Nepal serves as an ideal laboratory for investigating the intricate interactions between geology, climate, plant life, and wildlife that define mountain regions around the globe.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies

Tribhuvan University

The Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS) program is designed with the goal of equipping graduates with a comprehensive skill set, internationally recognized attributes, and a value system. This is achieved through a curriculum that includes foundational courses, core studies in management, mountaineering, and tourism, as well as elective options and project work that span both the realms of management and the fields of mountain tourism and mountaineering. The course is offered by Nepal Mountain Academy.

Learn more about this program HERE.

Bachelor of Mountain Tourism Management

Tribhuvan University

The Bachelor of Mountain Tourism Management (BMTM) program offers a comprehensive understanding of tourism and its specific relevance in mountain tourism development. It explores the contributions of this sector to the national economy and the essential elements required for its growth. Students undertaking this course are expected to meet the following requirements: consistent attendance and active engagement throughout the semester, involvement in activities like book and literature surveys, paper writing, seminar presentations, and field projects. Teaching methods will encompass lectures, assignments, case studies, practical ventures, panel discussions, and more. This course is available in Janapriya Multiple Campus

Learn more about this course HERE.

Postgraduate Programs

Master of Science in Mountain and Mountaineering Science

Tribhuvan University

The Master of Science in Mountain and Mountaineering Science program focuses on mountain environments, including glaciers and materials used in these regions, along with various aspects of mountain science. Nepal, a key mountain hub, makes studying mountaineering and adventure tourism essential. This program distinguishes itself globally, as this field is largely unexplored elsewhere. Students will cover topics such as adventure tourism, eco-tourism, cultural heritage tourism, sustainable mountain tourism, and more, as outlined in the curriculum. The course is offered by Nepal Mountain Academy.

Learn more about this program HERE.

MSc Mountain Environment and Development Studies

Tribhuvan University

MSc Mountain Environment and Development Studies Program spans two academic years, comprising four semesters. Its primary objectives include the cultivation of highly skilled professionals in the realm of Mountain studies, capable of offering their expertise to a diverse clientele encompassing government bodies, semi-government entities, non-governmental organizations, and private sectors. This program also aims to foster self-reliant and practically oriented resource managers, empowering them to spearhead their enterprises and research ventures in mountain development while extending consultancy services to interested individuals and organizations. This program is offered by the School of Forestry and Natural Resources - Tribhuvan University.

Learn more about this program HERE.

Tribhuvan University is also planning on launching a new program: MS in Integrated Mountain Studies soon. 

Scopes of Mountain Studies

For mountain enthusiasts seeking a thrilling career, the world of mountaineering presents an enticing opportunity to turn their passion into a dynamic profession. Mountaineering, both a celebrated adventure sport and a pivotal profession, played a critical role in conquering the world's highest peak, Mount Everest. To embark on a mountaineering career, understanding the essence of this field and undergoing essential mountaineering skills courses is paramount.

Within the realm of mountaineering, diverse career paths offer unique challenges and rewards. One potential avenue is that of a Liaison Officer, a government-appointed figure responsible for overseeing and managing climbing, trekking, and camping activities, ensuring participants' safety and well-being. Alternatively, a highly lucrative profession awaits as a Mountaineering Agency Owner, where one takes charge of organizing activities like hiking, climbing, trekking, mountaineering, and camping services, all meticulously supervised under their guidance. For those possessing profound mountain knowledge and an unwavering commitment to guiding others through mountain adventures, a career as a Mountain Climbing Guide beckons, involving the critical role of leading individuals and groups through the daunting challenges of mountain terrain.

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