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Academic Counseling in Nepal

Finding the Right Course at the Right Institution

Anjana Nepal

September 26, 2022
Last updated October 16, 2022
Academic Counseling in Nepal

The transition from student to career life is a crucial phase. Students may mislay direction while shifting to professional life since one needs lots of research, has to face some stress, and be patient at the same time. Even if you know what profession you want, you will still need guidance because you might see what you want, but you might not know what you should be prepared for in the upcoming phase. There is a difference between what you want and what you're willing to do. 

Your career development is influenced by various variables, such as your interests, skills, values, personality, circumstances, etc. Choosing a career and a direction to follow is more than just deciding on what job you want to get when you graduate. It is a lifelong process because your circumstances, thinking, and ideas will change as you progress through life.

What is Academic Counseling?

Counseling helps you better understand who you are and how the world revolves around you to make better decisions about your career, education, and overall quality of life. The main objective of career counseling is to provide students with a counselor to talk about their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and concerns regarding their career and educational choices. The counselor assists students in organizing, sorting, and making sense of their thoughts and feelings.

What to expect in counseling?

Counseling or academic guidance does not place you in a different professional career. Counseling only helps nurture existing ideas, thoughts, and passion for suitable direction. The idea is to get your information and direct you to an appropriate path based on your input.

Who provides free counseling?

Edusanjal has come up with the idea of providing free counseling sessions to students who want to learn about their preferred programs, colleges or universities, and future perspectives of the program.

At Edusanjal, academic experts help you evaluate your career and course choices accurately while individually considering your educational background, strengths, and skills. From shortlisting the best colleges to tracking your entire admission process, the counseling by our experts will make your higher education journey hassle-free and put you on the path to success.

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  • First, the counselor has to know your academic background and field of interest. The counselor will help you identify educational and career paths that match your ability based on your key information.


  • The most crucial thing to consider before choosing a college to pursue a degree is to compare available facilities, costs, eligibility, and reviews to your preferences. The counselor will also help you find the best college recommendations based on your provided information.


  • After matching all the information to your preferred programs in the preferred colleges, you can confirm your seat at that respective college or university for admission.


  • Edusanjal helps to enroll students in colleges with some waivers via Edusanjal's hassle-free admissions process.

Register at: Free Counseling Session at Edusanjal

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