Best Accounting Software in Nepal

Binita Subedi

August 15, 2021
Last updated February 02, 2022

Every business, large to small, needs to maintain its account. Accounting software is used to record accounting transactions and generate financial reports.

We tried different accounting software available in Nepal and decided to go with Awecountant. We chose it because of its reliability, diverse features, intelligent reporting system, and integration with our existing systems.

The Awecountant system is also approved by IRD (Inland Revenue Department, Government of Nepal) and therefore can also be used as a billing software. We have been using it to generate invoices (sales bills) for the last three years. Sales and purchase books are also automatically generated in the format required by IRD which has saved our significant time.

This software is very user friendly, made for non-accountants as well. It also automatically handles double-entry bookkeeping in the background when we enter a regular office transaction. It is also very secure with the ability to set different permissions for different users per module. Tax schemes, ledger views, invoices, etc are also highly configurable.

We are also happy with the support we have received from the developers. They are available on all business days and respond to us promptly. The accounting software also integrates well with our website and CRM system, thanks to the free support provided by Awecountant team.

Top Accounting Software in Nepal

Disclaimer: This testimonial is written and published in request of Awecode, the company that backs Awecountant.