Golden Chance for Completion of Incomplete Degrees at Kathmandu University School of Engineering

From November 04, 2022
Until December 20, 2022

The School of Engineering, Kathmandu University has announced the Golden Chance for completion of incomplete degrees for the candidates at the different departments under the School subject to the following eligibility criteria and conditions:

  1. This announcement is applicable for the candidates whose enrolment period at the different programs of the school falls between 2009-2018 (10 years time span).
  2. Bachelor's degree: Those failing to complete their degrees owing to not meeting the minimum GPA requirement of 2.
  3. Master's degree: Those candidates whose final year project and thesis are remaining to be completed.
  4. PhD degree: Those candidates who have completed the minimum number of required courses/credit hours and whose research and publication requirements are completed within a year from re-enrollment to the program.
  5. Any candidate who has previously withdrawn from the programs of the School, is not eligible for application.
  6. The opportunity provided through the Golden chance to complete the incomplete degrees would be valid only for a maximum of 1 year after the re-enrollment date for all levels.

Online pre-registration

Timelines for the application submission and processing

S.N. Activity Period/Deadline Remarks
1 Announcement of the Golden Chance Scheme November 04, 2022 Publication of the notice at the KU School of Engineering Website
1 Online pre-registration November 06 to December 05, 2022
2 Verification of the pre-registered candidates December 06 to December 20, 2022 The information provided by pre-registered registered candidates will be verified with recorded
3 Notification to the verified and eligible candidates for the Golden Chance Scheme at the KU School of Engineering December 21, 2022 Publication of the notice at the KU School of Engineering Website
4 Physical re-registration of the verified candidates December 22 to December 30, 2022 Physical re-registration of the verified verified candidates at the School of Engineering
Payment of the required fees (registration, fees for the total credits, and any dues from the past)
Submission of necessary documents (Citizenship certificate, copies of academic certificates, etc.)
5 Start of the re-enrollment January 01, 2022 -