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Admissions for Engineering Programs at Manmohan Technical University

From November 09, 2023
Until December 15, 2023

Manmohan Technical University, Central Campus, School of Engineering, Budhiganga Morang announces re-entrance examination for Engineering programs for the academic year 2080/81.

Admissions are open for the following programs: 

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Manmohan Technical University is steadfast in its commitment to nurturing the emerging leaders of the engineering domain. The institution extends a warm invitation to embark on a journey of academic excellence and boundless career prospects.

Key Details

  • Application form submission deadline (with regular fee): Mangsir 22, 2080 (December 08, 2023); Form Fee: Rs. 1800
  • Application form submission deadline (with late fee): Mangsir 29, 2080 (December 15, 2023); Form Fee: Rs. 2500

Overall Program Fee for Engineering Programs at Manmohan Technical University

  • BE Civil Fee: Rs. 590,000
  • BE Electrical and Electronics Fee: 580,000

Salient Features

  • First Technical University in Nepal
  • Practical, project-based, and work-based curriculum
  • Well equipped Labs and Workshops
  • Congenial academic and research environment
  • Internal and final marks ratio 50:50 in theory and 60:40 in practical
  • Exam Results within 1 month

Critical Resources

Vital resources have been provided to facilitate the preparations and streamline the application process.



For any queries or the need for further guidance, prospective applicants are urged to reach out to the admissions office. Manmohan Technical University eagerly anticipates welcoming aspiring engineers to its esteemed campus and providing unwavering support for their pursuit of academic and professional success.