Women Empowerment in Community Education: Overcoming Barriers & Bias - EduTalk 111-with Januka Nepal

September 14, 2021

Centered around Women Empowerment and Community Education and Nepali, in this 111th episode of EduTalk we are in conversation with the Principal of Neel Barahi Secondary school, and Edusanjal's Education personality of the month Dr. Januka Nepal Paudel.

Reminiscing about, her journey of becoming the headmaster from a regular teacher, she also talks about the importance of empowering female teachers and students. How Mahila Shikshak Samaj came to be, and why it is important for women to be given opportunities of leadership for equality in Nepal. As the chairperson of Nepal Mahila Shikshak Samaj, she has shared ideas about how we can move forward in this fight for equality.

Likewise, she also touches on INLS (International Nepali Literary Society) and the importance of the preservation of the Nepali language and literature.