BDevS (Bachelor in Development Studies) | Pokhara University

October 03, 2023

Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS), affiliated to Pokhara University, stands asan interesting program within social sciences. It delves into diverse facets such as economics, sociology, demography, urban planning, gender studies, and governance, offering valuable insights for dissecting the multifaceted nature of development. The primary objective of the BDevS program is to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to the comprehensive advancement of society.


In this course video, Assoc. Prof. Ajay Thapa, Dean of FHSS at Pokhara University, provides insights into the BDevS program. He elaborates on the program's content and the process behind crafting its curriculum. Furthermore, he outlines the allocation of student slots, details regarding tuition fees, and the various scholarship opportunities accessible to students. Additionally, he offers valuable insights into the potential career prospects that await graduates of this program.


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