+2 Science at KMC Lalitpur

May 26, 2024

The Ten Plus Two (+2) in Science program is a two-year curriculum structured to impart fundamental comprehension and insight into scientific subjects. This pathway is frequently selected by individuals aiming for careers in Medicine, Engineering, and related technical disciplines. Its practical segment is tailored to enhance comprehension by applying theoretical concepts.

In this course video, Mr. Kishor GC, the Academic Co-Ordinator of KMC Lalitpur, provides insights into the curriculum of the +2 Science program at KMC Lalitpur, along with detailing the admission criteria. Additionally, he delves into the college's facilities and laboratory resources, which are advantageous to students pursuing +2 Science. He also elaborates on the career prospects for students enrolled in this course and articulates reasons why selecting KMC Lalitpur would be advantageous, highlighting the distinctive features that set the college apart.