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Vacancy Announcement for the Position of Vice-Chancellor at Far Western and Mid-Western Universities

Deadline: February 18, 2024 12:15
The vacancy is closed.

The Selection and Recommendation Committee, established to recommend suitable candidates for the position of Vice-Chancellor at Far-Western and Mid-Western Universities, has initiated the process by inviting applications for the said post. This procedure adheres to the approved guidelines outlined in the 2080 B.S. method for the selection and recommendation of vice chancellors.

The committee has formally announced the commencement of the application submission process, providing interested individuals with a ten-day window to submit their applications. According to the committee's directive, the deadline for the submission of applications is set within the next ten days from the announcement date.

To ensure a systematic and organized application process, the committee has specified the submission location as the secretariat office located in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. The University Grants Commission, the relevant authority overseeing the appointments, will receive and review the applications during this period.

Moreover, the committee has outlined that the position tenure for vice chancellors at both Far Western and Mid-Western universities is expected to begin in the second week of the month of Falgun. This elaborate procedure aims to ensure a transparent and fair selection process for the appointment of vice chancellors at these prominent universities in the western regions of the country.

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