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Madesh Province Vacancies for Ninth Level Technical and Non-Technical Positions: Lok Sewa Aayog

Deadline: November 09, 2022 10:15
The vacancy is closed.

Public Service Commission, Madesh Province, Janakpurdham, Administration Department has announced vacancies for the ninth-level technical and non-technical positions that are to be fulfilled by open and inclusive competitive examinations. Eligible and interested candidates are encouraged to apply for the vacant posts through the commission's online application system

Key Information

  • Examination Type: Written, Practical, and Interview
  • Application Deadline: Kartik 16, 2079  (With double fee: Up to Kartik 23, 2079)
  • Application Fee (For Ninth Level): Rs. 1,200 (Rs. 500 extra for each additional subject and application for each extra inclusive category)

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