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Lok Sewa Aayog Announces Vacancies for Kharidar

Deadline: April 09, 2024 10:15
The vacancy is closed.
Lok Sewa Aayog Announces Vacancies for Kharidar

Applications are invited from the candidates who have qualified as per below, since the posts of the following services, groups and sub-groups of the civil service are to be filled through AP, open and inclusive competitive examination. Candidates who meet the specified minimum qualifications should apply through the commission's online application system .

Key Details

  • Application Submission Deadline: Chaitra 20, 2080 (April 02, 2024)
  • Application Submission Deadline with Double Fee: Chaitra 27, 2080 (April 09, 2024)
  • Examination Fee: NPR 500 with an additional NPR 150 required for each additional cluster option selected
  • Interested candidates can apply online through HERE 
  • Examination Mode: Written Examination, Computer Skill Assessment and Interview
  • Examination Locations: Kathmandu, Pokhara and Jumla among oithers


  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age by the deadline and not older than 35 years, with age relaxation for female and disabled candidates up to 40 years.
  • There are no age restrictions for current civil servants.
  • Candidates for the Judicial Service, Justice/Law/Government Lawyer Group, and the General Administration Service Group must have successfully completed the S.L.C. (School Leaving Certificate) or possess an equivalent credential from an accredited institution.
  • For positions within the Administration Service, specifically the Accounts Group, applicants need to have completed the S.L.C. with Mathematics or Accounting, or a related optional Accounts subject, also from a recognized educational body.
  • Post the adoption of the new grading system, individuals who have attained a GPA of 2 or above are deemed to have met the minimum educational qualifications.

Eligibility for Internal Civil Service Internal Competitive Examination

Candidate Selection Criteria

  • Individuals currently in gazetted third category or uncategorized posts are invited to apply for advancement through the internal competitive examination process.
  • A minimum educational qualification as prescribed for gazetted second category positions is mandatory, along with a requisite service period of three years in accordance with Civil Service Act provisions.

Inclusive Consideration

Women, individuals from tribal/tribal backgrounds, Madhesi, Dalits, those with disabilities, and civil servants residing in remote areas may be considered for promotion even with less than the stipulated one-year service period.

Service Tenure and Education

Employees must meet the minimum period of service and hold the educational qualifications as defined by the relevant sections of the Civil Service and Federal Parliament Secretariat Acts.

Eligibility Verification

  • Applicants should not be subject to any disqualifications as per the existing Civil Service regulations.
  • Proof of prior service tenure must be provided, conforming to the rules outlined in the Civil Service guidelines.

Documents Required

Certified copies confirming the equivalency of educational qualifications must be submitted where applicable.

Open and Inclusive Civil Service Examination Guidelines

Examination Phases

To progress in the examination, achieving a minimum of 40% in the first phase and 50% in the second phase is mandatory.

Examination Procedure

  • The second phase of the written exam will be conducted simultaneously for all candidates, eliminating the need for separate exams for different service groups.
  • Results will be released in alphabetical order, providing a transparent and organized selection process.

Steps Post Examination

  • Successful candidates are required to indicate their service, group, and office preferences before proceeding to the computer skill test and interview stages.
  • Inclusive group candidates must adhere to the priority order they have selected and cannot change it for the interview phase.

Considerations for Merit and Inclusuve Categories

  • The final selection for open and inclusive categories will respect the merit order and priority of the services chosen by the candidates, in line with the commission's regulations.
  • Appointments will be based on merit and the adherence to the inclusion groups' guidelines.

Documents Required for Inclusive Group Candidates

Adivasi Janajati Documentation

Tribal candidates are required to consult the list outlined in the Nepal Adivasi Janajati Upliftment National Foundation Act and furnish a document validating their surname if it appears multiple times within the same caste list.

Madhesi Candidates' Documentation

Individuals identifying as Madhesi must obtain documentation certified by the designated government entity and published in the Nepal Gazette, along with a recommendation from the chief district officer.

Dalit Applicants'Documentation

Dalit candidates are required to provide a document certified by the Chief District Officer, confirming their surname as recognized within the castes identified by the National Dalit Commission.

Disabled Persons' Documentation

Candidates with disabilities should hold a Disability ID card issued by either the Social Welfare Council or an ID card issued based on the local level's classification of disability, in accordance with the pertinent disability rights legislation.

Backward Areas Residence Proof

People from underdeveloped regions require a citizenship certificate showing permanent residency and a corresponding document validated by the local authority's office.

Additional Provisions for Citizenship and Migration

  • For candidates holding citizenship from a district distinct from their permanent residence, a justification from the citizenship issuing office is mandatory.
  • In situations involving marriage or migration, relevant certificates or documents demonstrating the change in residency are required.

Guidelines for Civil Service Candidates

Service and Experience Required

Ensure that the required service period is fulfilled by the application deadline. Experience acquired during periods of double duty will not be taken into account.

Application Compliance

Applications must satisfy the minimum qualifications and encompass all necessary information and specified fees. Individuals in second-class civil service positions or equivalent roles are ineligible for the advertised positions.

Documents Required

Candidates who pass the written test must submit properly certified documents verifying their educational qualifications, citizenship, and service experience prior to the interview.

Foreign Qualifications

Candidates who have pursued their education overseas must furnish equivalence certificates issued by the relevant authority.

If unable to submit educational certificates by the deadline due to pending results, a letter from the educational institution confirming the fulfillment of all requirements will suffice.

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