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Vacancy for Deputy General Manager at Agriculture Development Bank

Deadline: February 25, 2024 10:15
The vacancy is closed.
Vacancy for Deputy General Manager at Agriculture Development Bank
KMC Lalitpur

The Agricultural Development Bank Ltd. has released a notce directed towards its internal staff regarding the procedure for applying to the position of Deputy General Manager. This opportunity, classified at level 11, falls under the bank's staff quota sanctioned for the fiscal year 2080/81.

Key Details

  • Category: Officer
  • Level: 11 (Eleven)
  • Service Area: Administration
  • Deadline for Application Submission: Falgun 13, 2080 (February 25, 2024)
  • Fee for Application: Rs. 1000

Bank Details

Agricultural Development Bank Ltd., Account No. 0100201101000020, Corporate Banking Ramshahpath, under the name of the Finance and Planning Department.

Candidates are required to submit the total receipt of the deposited sum, inclusive of particulars such as the applicant's name, current position, and employee code number.


  1. Qualification: The role is available to departmental heads at level 10 who fulfill the designated criteria outlined in Regulation 14 of Chapter 2 of the Staff Service Regulations, 2062.
  2. Performance Assessment: Candidates will undergo evaluation and advancement based on their performance until the conclusion of the fiscal year 2080 Ashadha.

Key Notes for Candidates

  • Timely Submission: Candidates are urged to promptly submit their applications within the designated timeframe.
  • Application Form Adherence: Applicants are required to complete the application form according to Schedule 5a of the Agricultural Development Bank Staff Service Regulations, 2062.
  • Committee Submission: Requests for promotion to officer level 11 must be forwarded to the Agricultural Development Bank Ltd. Official Level 11 Promotion Recommendation Committee, situated in Kathmandu.

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