Southwestern School

Gongabu, Ringroad, Kathmandu




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  1. Description

Southwestern School (SWS), an ISO 9001:2008 QMS Certified School, located at ring road, easily accessible, has a long history in education and is co-educational, operating on the premises that it is wholesome for boys and girls to unveil potential and develop many friendships during the school years. School is updated to recent pedagogy and adopts fresh approaches to meet the needs of the present generation. 

It is comprised of subject experts and academicians who have hands-on various academic sectors within the country and outside. Our goal at SWS is the academic and spiritual training of students within a student friendly atmosphere and philosophy.

The mission of Southwestern School, PG to 10, is to provide challenging academics with a strong moral foundation, within a safe inclusive setting for students of present world.

It is our desire for each student to recognize them. We have a passion that each student come to value and view their diversity, and respect the diversities found in each other.


  • Provide a safe environment, free from bullying.
  • Create an atmosphere where diversity is valued and respected.
  • Provide engaging curriculum that continually challenges each student to reach beyond typical expectations
  • Achieve all these goals by building on a strong foundation of moral principles.