Saipal, in its 14 years’ history has produced outstanding results. One of our students Risav Karna, achieved the World Top result in General Papers and twelve others have achieved Nepal Top awards in various subjects in different international examinations. Saipal is registered at the ministry of education for conducting Cambridge A-Level courses. Saipal, with its Center Number NP715, is validated by the University of Cambridge, UK. The students studying A-Level courses are assured about the validity of their studies at Saipal Academy where the team of teaching faculty is striving for students’ desirable results in their endeavors.

Subjects Offered at Saipal

Advanced Level courses provide a firm foundation to students entering into the university or college for their further studies. A wide range of subjects available at A-Level allows the students an opportunity to make a subject combination of their own field of interest, potential, and objectivity. Saipal offers all the major subjects required for the entry into various fields like medical science, Engineering, Business Management and Humanities.