Marvellous English Boarding School

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Marvellous English Boarding School or simply Marvellous School has been established in the year 2052 BS by a group of professionals and academicians. The School has become successful in establishing itself as one of the best private boarding schools in the country now. Marvellous School has collaborated with the Universal College.

The School has been providing quality education to the students and is encouraging them in order to learn and explore more about various physical and other things. The School promises of equipping an excellent service in the field of education such that the student's creativity is increased and they can perform various academic as well as non-academic works pretty smoothly.

The School also promises of providing a sound environment to the students such that they can make use of the resources which are available to them in their mean time. There is regular evaluation system of the students in the School via regular assessments, examinations, and tests as well as projects and presentations. That helps in the all-round development of the students. Students get a homely environment in the school so that they can learn and explore as well as express themselves freely.