Aksharaa School

Kadaghari-9, Kageshwari Manohara, Kathmandu
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Aksharaa School announces pre-registration open for grades One to Seven for the upcoming academic session. 

Salient Features

  • International Accreditation
  • Spacious and well-furnished classrooms  
  • Good learning environment
  • Cutting edge teaching-learning methods
  • A synergy of physical and technological mixes for integrated child growth
  • Learning through LRPA
  • Use of LRPA in the integration of modern technologies like Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Continuous Assessment

Appropriate assessment of each task is done to monitor a child's skill of manipulation of words, materials, ideas, concepts. Such assessments help to notice whether the child has acquired language, mathematical and social skills or not. This is done on a day-to-day basis through the use of the CAS book.

  • Active observation and Recording
  • Holistic growth through Balanced Education System
  • Assignments

Age-appropriate specific assignments are assigned in each chapter. Written assignments, Project works and Research work are used as records on the development of specific skills related to instructional objectives or the attitude expressed or demonstrated by a student towards learning.

  • ICT enhanced environment
  • Library with Book talk show every Sunday
  • Transportation facilities
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Aksharaa Model United Nations (AMUN) programs
  • Qualified and dedicated teachers and staffs
  • Nationwide exposure to various events, programs 
  • Participation of students in international programs
  • Educational and day-night tours
  • Academic competitions like essay writing, storytelling, album making, wall-magazine decoration, etc.
  • Photography, toy making, clay modeling courses
  • Community awareness programs
  • Multi-language classes like Chinese, Sanskrit
  • Guest Speaker Session
  • Parenting Sessions
  • Music and Sports Clubs
  • Teacher's Development Programs

Aksharaa is a learning organization. Within our scheme as a progressive organization on learning, we continuously strive to develop our teaching faculty and non-teaching staff members through various training programs designed to catering individual needs that ultimately help us reach our goal. These training programs are planned and executed by the invited facilitators and by the teachers of Aksharaa who collaborate with internal and external experts. Such training programs not only help teachers develop themselves professionally and personally but also, create an environment that encourages peer support.

Admission Guidelines

Admissions in Aksharaa are announced annually based on the seats and requirements. Along with it, there are procedures to follow by the students along with their parents.

The admission process in Aksharaa are as follows:

  • Parents of the prospective students are given a tour of the school
  • Parents are needed to file an application for admission personally or through the school's website here
  • After the application evaluation, parents are notified about the entrance test and interview dates.
  • When the parents are interviewed by the admission team, the students will be appearing in written and oral tests.
  • The criteria for the admission of the child include his/her academic aptitude, socio-emotional development, and willingness of parents to be working partners with the school in the educational process.
  • After 3 days of the written test and interview, the school will inform the parents through a phone call about the confirmation.
  • After the child is confirmed to be part of Akasharaa, parents are requested to register their child within 7 days.
  • Established 2011 AD
  • private Institution
  • 01-4993031, 01-4993032, 01-4993033
  • info@aksharaaschool.edu.np

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Euro Kids Kandaghari
Euro Kids Kandaghari
  • Pepsi Cola (Near Gandhi School), Bhaktapur
Aksharaa Kindergarten
Aksharaa Kindergarten
  • Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

About Us

Aksharaa School is a co-educational day school, established in 2011 A.D. It is one of the internationally accredited schools employing cutting-edge teaching methodologies and technology-enhanced classrooms. Aksharaa School is located in Kadaghari, Kathmandu. It offers courses from Grade 1 to Grade 10.

Aksharaa School since its establishment has embraced a student-centered progressive philosophy of education. This philosophy in Aksharaa has been highlighted with transformative principles of education e.g awareness, autonomy, and authenticity that suggest the importance of learning in self-engaged action.

The enrichments available at Aksharaa allow the school to break the barrier of traditional learning and shape the career of a child beyond the four walls. Students studying at Aksharaa are allowed to be friendly with technological gadgets like laptops, computers, television, and projectors for academic relevancy which helps them to be knowledgeable. 

Aksharaa is operated within 3 academic and administrative blocks accommodated upon the earthquake-resistant buildings standing on the spacious area spread over 23 Ropanis of land.

Aksharaa believes in balanced education system confirms age-appropriate cognitive development along with adequate physical, emotional growth and social adaptation. To focus on this Aksharaa builds education within the Learning-Reinforcement-Practice-Application (LRPA) module.

LRPA module is suggestive of Touch-Explore-Learn-Enjoy that felicitates students to build up the cognitive horizon with fun, curiosity, and excitement. This school also focuses upon further development of the physical, mental, and intellectual state of a child for their integrated growth.

One of the better aspects of our school is the Aksharaa Model United Nations(AMUN) program. It is an annual program for senior middle school students. Furthermore, AMUN is the educational simulation of the UN committee in which students learn about diplomacy, discussion, critical thinking, negotiation, debate, research, and writing.

Not only the traditional way of learning but at Aksharaa we believe in a creative and innovative approach to learning which contributes for the modernizing of the teaching and learning process. Some of the examples are 3DI, Karkhana, and Eduten (an online math playground).


Nurturing children to become globally competent and responsible citizens.


Aksharaa School inculcates value-based education through collaboration with parents and other stakeholders to instill in each student a zeal to learn, to take risks, and accept challenges to adapt in the ever-changing world.

Message from the Principal

Anju Bhattarai

Dear Communities of Students, Parents, and All,

Aksharaa School, within a decade, has grown up impressively in its stature and influence. As a progressive educational institution designed to nurture 21st-century citizens, we at Aksharaa embrace and implement valuable learning. Aksharaa School creates a positive attitude and inspires the students to achieve excellence in their scholarly endeavors embodied in approaches we explore to creating autonomous learning engagements in real actions. A need to adapt to new concepts, content, skills, and strategies at different levels for education to advance with innovation is a continuous process and at Aksharaa we appreciate this opportunity as we believe it brings out the best in helping us strive further while providing valued learning at all times. We are motivated to remain innovative with our best education level and round the clock engagements of our professionally trained team and faculty in building our students with excellence achieved in better experiences.

Driven with integrative approaches for holistic education, we at Aksharaa School make endeavors on delivering quality education in the practice of LRPA module (Learning Reinforcement Practice Application), and our curriculum is vibrant, demanding, and progressive. We construct an array of curricula with programs that are in tune with classroom procedures that offer students not only transformational information for solutions but also reinforce their classroom learning in problem-based tasks whereof learning is materialized by students in self-awareness and authentic self-initiated actions. This module defines and involves students as practitioners set to work under the open mentorship of our competent faculty deputed to substantiate education in learner’s active involvement that results from intrinsic motivation. We at Aksharaa pledge for an understanding that students are to be educated for the future and it demands an ability in learning to unlearn rudiments replaced by behaviors that will become instrumental to helping individuals create a path for a bright future on building innovative and intelligent ideas, skills and strategies. As we embark on our academic journey for the exciting times ahead, we will continue to be co-innovative with our education to ensure growth and ever-increasing value by creating an inspiring environment for our students.

Aksharaa focuses on research-based independent and practical learning. Our learning method is designed and conducted in a fashion that encompasses multi-literacies sourced and extracted from unfettered use of computer information technology, science, and literature to music, theatre, and sports in an integrated framework. Within our system, we believe that by the time students complete their education at Aksharaa, they are fully prepared to cope with not only individual, organizational, and local social changes but also global challenges of the 21st century. To this aspiration, the LRPA module at Aksharaa provides a concrete pathway toward higher education for our students to be prepared at the strength of foundational skills the school is committed to enhancing.

Aksharaa School stands persistent in meeting international standards and is striving to provide it students with unlimited learning exposure. In order to do so, the school invites eminent academic personalities, researchers and expert educators for guest lectures, presentations, workshops, and knowledge sharing programs who speak for the need of our children relating to international academic standards Aksharaa strives for education to meet with.

We are humbled and honored to have earned your trust. We believe in the motto: "Together we can make a difference.” So, we would like to request you to drop in our school on a school day to get a sense of how the mix of our internationally trained teachers and passionate and qualified local staff has helped to create an unrivaled and conducive learning environment at Aksharaa School.

I finally express my sincere gratitude of appreciation to our students, parents, and guardians for trusting us to help you out and giving us an opportunity to serve you with the best of our education system and services and take this as a note of honor to welcome your gracious visit to Aksharaa at your convenience.

Warm Regards

Anju Bhattarai