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Small Scale Research - Tribhuvan University

Open From: November 05, 2023
Until: December 02, 2023
This scholarship/grant is closed.
Small Scale Research - Tribhuvan University
Bridge Course

Tribhuvan University, requires the submission of the proposal for the Small Scale Research, along with the necessary documents, as per the decision of the Minor Research Committee at the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Education. Adhering to the provided guidelines, all full-time faculty members and professors from this faculty must assemble  at the specified office by 4 o'clock in mid Mangshir 2080.

Required Documents

  1. A concise introduction to the research proposal
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. A letter of recommendation from the relevant campus or department
  4. One certified copy each of the transcripts and degrees for both the master's and bachelor's programs
  5. An appointment letter
  6. A letter of endorsement from the Community Campus Professor

It is imperative that the proposal is submitted by a team of at least two individuals, with the principal investigator holding an academic degree. Submissions received after the designated deadline will not be entertained. 

Please note that the submission of the aforementioned documents must be in Nepali, alongside the aforementioned preface.

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