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Scholarship for BE (Geomatics Engineering) at KUSoE

KMC Lalitpur

Kathmandu University, Department of Geomatics Engineering, School of Engineering, in collaboration with Land Management Training Centre, Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives, and Poverty Alleviation, announces scholarship for Bachelor of Engineering in Geomatics Engineering.

Scholarship Category Seats Scholarships
GoN Employees, Civil Service, Engineering Service, Survey Group 3 100%
Provincial Inclusive quota (3 from each province)
Female - 1
Adibasi Janajati/ Daalit/ Madhesi -1
Backward region/Economically deprived - 1
21 35%
Provincial Open Merit (3 from each province) 21  
Open Merit (including international students quota) 9  

The scholarship will be awarded based on the KUCAT ranking of Geomatics Engineering candidates from each province and supporting documents for each scholarship category.

The candidates are required to meet the provincial criteria as per the citizenship certificate.

For more queries regarding scholarships, please send an email to geom_office@ku.edu.np

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