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Government of Bangladesh Offers Scholarships for MBBS and BDS

KMC Lalitpur

According to the Scholarship Branch of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, the Government of Bangladesh, has informed that offered a total of 3 scholarship seats for Nepali students interested in pursuing MBBS and BDS programs during the academic session 2022/23. Nepali candidates who meet the specified qualifications are eligible to apply for these scholarships. The application period is from Asadh 26, 2080 to Asadh 31, 2080, until 5:00 PM.

To apply, please follow the instructions provided and apply online through your profile.

Group Division of Seats Obtained

The allocation of scholarships starting from 2077, considering both open and reserved seats for indigenous and foreign nationals, has been determined in accordance with sub-rule (10) of Rule 20 of the National Medical Education Regulations, 2077 (including amendments). The available seats have been categorized into groups as outlined below.

Program Total Seats Open Woman Dalit Tharu
MBBS 3   1 1 1
BDS 3 2 1    

In the event that candidates from a specific group are not available, the seats allocated for that group will be filled by selecting applicants from the open group based on their merit.

Minimum Qualification

In order to be considered, applicants must satisfy the following qualifications and conditions:

  1. Achieve a position in the merit list of the latest Integrated Entrance Examination (MECEE-BL 2023) for the specific academic program.
  2. Must not have obtained a study permit for studying abroad.
  3. Should not have received any nomination for a foreign scholarship.
  4. Must not be currently enrolled in any educational program.
  5. The SLC/SEE/SSC/O-level examination should not have been passed prior to 2019.
  6. The Class 12 / HSC/A-level examination should not have been passed before 2021.
  7. When applying online for the scholarship seat offered by the Government of Bangladesh, candidates must satisfy the eligibility requirements specified in Annex 'C' attached to this notification.
  8. It is mandatory to fulfill the criteria mentioned in this notice, as well as any other criteria related to the selection process for the Bangladesh scholarship. Failure to meet these criteria will result in disqualification from the scholarship selection process.

Online Application Process

  1. Candidates who have achieved a position in the merit order of the results of the Integrated Entrance Test for medical education should visit the Commission's web portal HERE. In the "Check your Status" section, click on the "MECEE-B1 2023" button.

  2. On the page for checking your status, provide the required details such as nationality, level of program, contact number, date of birth, and voucher number. Click on the "Search your status" button to access your profile.

  3. To apply for the scholarship offered by the Bangladesh government, navigate to your profile and click on the "Apply for BANGLADESH SCHOLARSHIP" button. After submitting the application, you will see the message "Your application for Bangladesh Scholarship has been submitted successfully" displayed on your profile.

Download the full notice below:

Bangladesh Scholarship Notice for MBBS and BDS

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