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ESRI India Young Scholar Program in Nepal

ESRI India Young Scholar Program in Nepal
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ESRI India, a prominent Indian company specializing in geographic information systems (GIS), is gearing up to host the 'ESRI India Young Scholar Program' in Nepal. The primary objective of this initiative is to empower students by providing them with a platform to showcase their GIS-related projects.

Participation Guide for the ESRI India Young Scholar Program

Follow these steps to submit your project and have a chance to be recognized as one of the top Young GIS Scholars in India and Nepal:

  1. Register for the Program: Ensure you register before the March 10, 2024 deadline to officially enter the competition.
  2. Prepare Your Submission: 
    • Abstract: Draft a concise abstract (up to 500 words) outlining your project's objectives, value proposition, and why you should be considered as ESRI India's Young Scholar.
    • Video Presentation: Develop a 2-minute video introducing yourself, presenting the problem statement, explaining the technology used in your project, and detailing the solution provided. Ensure clarity and engagement.
    • Poster: Design an A0 size poster with map elements summarizing your project's efforts and visualizing the work. Submit the poster in AI/PSD and PDF formats, both in 300 dpi resolution.
  3. Submission: Once prepared, submit your entry to gis.education@esri.in, ensuring compliance with U.S. Export laws and any applicable COVID-19 mandates.
  4. Submit Before the Deadline: The deadline for project submission, along with the poster and detailed report, is March 17, 2024. Adherence to this deadline is crucial for evaluation consideration.
  5. Remember, each candidate can submit only one entry, so submit your best work.

Eligibility Criteria for the ESRI India Young Scholar Program

The ESRI India Young Scholar Program invites participation from individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Indian Origin Students: Full-time students of Indian origin enrolled in GIS-related undergraduate or postgraduate programs in Indian universities.
  • Nepali Origin Students: Full-time students of Nepali origin enrolled in GIS-related undergraduate or postgraduate programs in Nepali universities.
  • Course Enrollment: Participants must be currently enrolled in a GIS-focused undergraduate or postgraduate program.
  • Graduating Students: Those expected to graduate in 2024 can register, provided they meet all other criteria.
  • Individual Performance: Only individual projects will be considered, and group projects are not accepted.
  • Application of ESRI Technology: Projects must demonstrate the application of ESRI technology for successful completion.
  • Geographical Focus: Indian projects must address spatial challenges in India, and Nepalese projects must focus on Nepal's spatial contexts.
  • Single Entry Per Candidate: Each candidate can submit only one entry. 
  • Compliance with Laws: Submissions must comply with U.S. Export laws and other applicable regulations, including COVID-19 mandates.

By meeting these criteria, students can actively participate in the ESRI India Young Scholar Program, showcasing their GIS expertise and contributing to geospatial sciences' advancement in the region.

Prizes and Rewards for ESRI India Young Scholars

The ESRI India Young Scholar Program offers enticing prizes and rewards to recognize outstanding achievements in geospatial sciences. Top performers can expect the following:

  • Title and Certificate: The top three performers will be titled 'ESRI India Young Scholar of the Year' and receive a certificate.
  • ArcGIS License: Each top scholar receives a 12-month ArcGIS personal use license for further exploration and innovation.
  • Global Recognition: The top three scholars will be considered for the global Esri Young Scholar Award Program, providing international recognition and networking.
  • Exclusive Rewards for the Winner: The selected winner among the top three scholars will receive exclusive rewards, including free registration to the Esri Education Summit and Esri International User Conference in San Diego in July 2024, coverage of travel and accommodation expenses, participation in the Esri Award Ceremony, and valuable exposure in the Map Gallery.

Important Dates for ESRI India Young Scholar Program

To ensure a smooth participation process, mark your calendar with these crucial dates:

  • Registration Deadline: March 10, 2024
  • Project Submission Deadline: March 17, 2024
  • Early Submission Encouraged: Submit projects well in advance for guidance from ESRI India Technical Experts
  • Final Resubmission: Ensure the latest project version is resubmitted by March 17, 2024

Evaluation Criteria for ESRI India Young Scholar Program

To ensure fairness and transparency, the program employs specific criteria for evaluation:

  • Nativeness: Representation of Indian or Nepali scenarios with a resolution of spatial problems specific to the region.
  • Uniqueness: Originality and distinctiveness in the project's approach, methodology, or findings.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Demonstrated creativity in design, execution, and presentation.
  • Real-World Relevancy: Practical applicability and relevance to real-world scenarios or societal challenges.
  • Application of ESRI Technology: Effective use of ESRI technology in addressing project objectives.

For detailed information on the ESRI India Young Scholar Program and registration, visit: [ESRI India Young Scholar Program](https://www.esri.in/en-in/programs/young-scholar-program/overview)

Register for the program at: [Registration Link](https://www.esri.in/en-in/programs/young-scholar-program/registrations)

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