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Talent Award 2080 - Social Welfare Council

Open From: November 09, 2023
Until: November 23, 2023
This scholarship/grant is closed.
Talent Award 2080 - Social Welfare Council
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Social Welfare Council, National Disabled Fund has announced the Talent Award for Outstanding Persons with Disabilities. The council requests to send a copy of relevant documents, passport-size photographs, and Bio-data along with the application/recommendation by Mangsir 07, 2080 (November 23, 2023).

List of Talent Awards

  1. Handicapped Student Talent Award: For Physically, Deaf, and Visually Impaired (To 3 students obtained higher marks in SEE 2079)
  2. Handicapped Teacher Honor Award: (To 3 teachers who are physically, deaf, and visually impaired)
  3. Talent awards to personalities who can show remarkable talent in the fields of social service/literature/education/music/art/sports/information technology, and journalism:
  • Hemganga Physical Disability Talent Award
  • Dhan- Indira Rana Deaf Talent Disability Award
  • Chandrakumar Bhattarai Blind Disability Talent Award
  • Ishwari Moni Gurung Intellectual Disability Talent Award
  • Jyoti K.C. Disability Talent Award given to talented women with spinal paralysis
  • Artist Hariprasad self-employment support
  • Dr. Birendraraj Pokharel Accessible Information Technology Excellence Award

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