United Academy's Welcome Program 2080 - A Talent Symphony

December 03, 2023
United Academy's Welcome Program 2080 - A Talent Symphony

The Nepal Academy Hall in Kamaladi, Kathmandu, reverberated with excitement and lively energy as the Welcome Program 2080 of United Academy unfolded its grandeur on Mangsir 15. Bringing together students, parents, faculty, and distinguished guests, this day-long extravaganza was a celebration of achievements and a showcase of talents.

The formal session commenced with a sacred touch – the Aasana Grahana & Khada Distribution, infusing the event with blessings. Dr. Lal Rapacha, a luminary figure, graced the occasion by illuminating the ceremonial lamp and inaugurating the proceedings. The resonant notes of the National Anthem united the audience in a patriotic chord.

Ms. Ojashwi Joshi then took the stage, delivering a welcome speech that served as the overture to the day's festivities. Awards and certificates were bestowed, recognizing the brilliance of NEB Grade 11 toppers, the academic prowess of first-term exam achievers, and the skill of sports competition champions. Special mention was made of participants in challenging contests such as Case Handling and the See Competition.

Concluding the formal session, a Grade 11 student took center stage for a heartfelt vote of thanks, followed by closing remarks from Dr. Lal Rapacha, leaving the audience inspired and ready for the next act.

The informal session that followed was a crescendo of creativity and expression. Solo performances became soulful narratives as Mansu Rai, Aadarsha Tamang, Milan Chauhan, and Ishan Maharjan shared their musical stories. The stage warmed up with a welcome dance performance by Shristi Shrestha on "Farkana Hola."

Bands stole the limelight with Aditya & Band, Chand & Friends, and Yug & Band creating a melodic tapestry that filled the hall with energy. UTH Winner's Niskarsa Band welcomed the audience with their performance, "Samarpan," adding a special touch to the musical saga.

The solo dance segment brought forth a range of emotions and movements, with Merry Yonghang, Aditi Dhakal, Ronika Tamang, Neeyusha Shrestha, and Shristi Shrestha each telling a unique story through their dance. The group dance competition, featuring Winner Group, Laskus Group, and Newari Group, was a spectacle of coordinated movements and cultural diversity, leaving the audience in awe.

As the curtain fell on the Welcome Program 2080, the memories lingered, echoing the harmonious blend of academia and artistry. It wasn't just a program; it was a crescendo of talent, a celebration of diversity, and a testament to the collective spirit of the academic community. The Nepal Academy Hall may have witnessed an event, but it truly experienced the resonance of excellence and unity that defines this academic enclave. Until next year's symphony of brilliance, the echoes of Welcome Program 2080 will resonate in the halls of memory.

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