The CCA ACCA Platinum Approved Partner Advantage

March 25, 2024
The CCA ACCA Platinum Approved Partner Advantage

Being recognized as a Platinum Approved Learning Partner by the ACCA signifies the highest level of accreditation, indicating exceptional dedication to education and support for ACCA exam preparation. To attain and maintain this esteemed status, a provider must demonstrate several key criteria:

  • Achieving student pass rates that surpass global averages.
  • Providing outstanding student support, including access to ACCA-qualified tutors and comprehensive study materials.
  • Delivering high-quality courses that are consistently updated to align with the ACCA curriculum.
  • Employing qualified and experienced faculty members who possess in-depth knowledge of ACCA exams.
  • Actively utilizing student feedback to enhance the quality of their services.

This accreditation assures students of receiving top-tier education and resources, which greatly enhances their prospects for success in ACCA exams and future accounting careers.

Why Study with a Platinum-Approved ACCA Learning Partner?

Enrolling with an ACCA Platinum Approved Partner guarantees students access to exceptional education validated by ACCA, guaranteeing the utmost quality training for their accounting endeavors. Advantages encompass exclusive resource access, personalized support, and a valuable alumni network, all tailored to enrich learning experiences and career opportunities.

Quality Assurance

Attaining Platinum status signifies the pinnacle of approval from ACCA. It is conferred upon institutions that have consistently showcased the capability to adhere to stringent educational benchmarks. These benchmarks encompass high pass rates, indicating the efficacy of their teaching methodologies and materials.

Experienced Educators

Institutions holding Platinum status frequently enlist seasoned educators who are authorities in their respective domains. These educators possess profound comprehension of the ACCA syllabus and are adept at imparting it effectively, facilitating students' comprehension of intricate concepts with greater ease.

Comprehensive Study Materials

Platinum Approved Learning Partners benefit from an extensive array of top-tier, current study materials encompassing the entirety of the ACCA syllabus. These resources are frequently customized to optimize learning results and undergo regular evaluations to uphold the most rigorous educational criteria.

Student Support

These establishments offer comprehensive student support services, offering access to tutors, study groups, and online resources. This ensures assistance is readily available whenever necessary, a vital component for grasping difficult subjects and maintaining motivation.

Learning Flexibility

Numerous Platinum Partners present adaptable learning choices such as full-time, part-time, and online classes, enabling you to tailor your studies around your individual and career obligations.


Opting to pursue studies with an ACCA Platinum Approved Partner is a commendable choice for individuals aiming to excel in accounting. These institutions garner recognition from the ACCA for their outstanding education, training, and support. By selecting a Platinum Approved Partner, students ensure they are receiving premier preparation for a successful accounting career.

Certified College of Accountancy (CCA) stands as the sole PLATINUM college of ACCA holding ISO certification in Nepal. This esteemed accolade is exceptionally rare and symbolizes the highest level of acknowledgment globally. It is exclusively bestowed upon institutions offering ACCA Qualification instruction.

Situated in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, CCA boasts a dedicated team poised to assist candidates in strategizing and gearing up to embark on their ACCA journey.

Candidates can connect CCA at 9801811219 or 9801811221 for inquiries.

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