Premier International IB World School Collaborates with International School Sports Federation

February 13, 2022
Last updated February 17, 2022
Premier International IB World School  Collaborates with International School Sports Federation

Premier International IB World School, one of the leading international schools in Nepal, joined hands with the Nepal School Sports Federation (NSSF) in affiliation with the International School Sports Federation (ISF). The new partnership was officially announced during the event, and full membership certification of the affiliation was handed over. This joint venture aims to improve the scenario of school sports in Nepal through the introduction of international-level sports curriculums.

Premier International IB World School has revolutionized education in Nepal since its inception. It has always played a leading role in introducing international-level sports infrastructure and programs, paving the path for development in the country's overall education system and fostering truly competent and well-rounded 21st-century students.

Today, the school embarked on another path-breaking venture through its membership with ISF. The International School Sports Federation (ISF), recognized by the International Olympic Committee, has served as the international sports governing body for school sport since 1972. The primary objective carried by the body is education through sports.

Premier International IB World School is Nepal’s first and only full member of ISF, making Nepal a proud member of the global sports federation. Through this new collaboration, the partners aim to introduce and promote Nepali school students to an international-level sports arena.

ISF is recognized for organizing different school-level sports events like Gymnasiade - School Summer Games (U18), World Schools Championship, ISF-E-Sports, and much more. With this collaboration, students of Nepal will now get an opportunity to participate in these games every year. Students will now get to participate in over 20 educational and non-educational games alongside 3500 to 5000 students from different parts of the world.

This collaboration will open a new gate for students of Premier as well as students from other schools to engage in international school sports through Premier International IB World School. It is no secret that sports in Nepal's education system are in a developing stage, and both Premier and ISF aim to make significant contributions to strengthen the ecosystem. It is expected to bring positive changes in the mindset of Nepalis when it comes to sports, offering an exceptional opportunity for nurturing sports leaders.