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Oxsa Nepal: An Organization for Those Who Can’t Speak for Themselves

November 30, 2022
Oxsa Nepal: An Organization for Those Who Can’t Speak for Themselves
KMC Lalitpur

Oxsa Nepal is an NPO founded by our alumna Raina Byanjankar of the 2010 batch. It commenced 15 years ago with the unconditional love for dogs within the streets of Nepal. 

Oxsa Nepal is named after a dog owned by Raina Byanjankar’s family. After the demise of Oxsa, Oxsa Nepal was founded with the idea of creating a kinder and more compassionate environment for animals. The Byanjankar family started helping the stray dogs around their area, Jwagal, Lalitpur. And if only it was up to them, they would go around and help every street animal all around Nepal. However, they provided shelter to over 50 stray dogs, cats, and birds and the Byanjankar family has never stopped feeding the strays around their area. 

Oxsa Nepal has always been more than a foundation-it is filled with emotions, care, and love and is also home to voiceless animals. It is involved in spaying and neutering stray dogs because it believes “Those who are not born will not suffer”. It also provides warm food, medical treatments, and vaccinations with the motive of adding a little comfort to their stray lives. Oxsa Nepal is continuously encouraging people to choose purchase over adoption and is also helping stray dogs to find homes. Besides these, they are actively involved in raising awareness campaigns to help stray animals.

For Oxsa Nepal, Humans and animals are been put here with the same purpose, to survive. Just like us, animals do have their own families. They socialize with other animals. They have to provide for their family and feel pain and sadness when they lose their family or herd member, just like us. Oxsa Nepal believes and works according to the phrase “If not us, then who?” Oxsa Nepal continues to exhibit a selfless act of love and care. Even while we are reading this informative write-up, the team of Oxsa Nepal must be helping the strays somewhere. 

Ms Raina Bajracharya has been interviewed and her work has been covered by different news media like a Youtube Channel named Herne Katha with 1 million views, Nepal Press, newspapers like Kathmandu Post, Annapurna Post, Makalu Khabar and many more. She has not only made us proud but has also set a good example of humanity towards animal species.

Author: Monika Poudel

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