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Nirmal Sigdel: President of United Alumni Association

November 28, 2022
Nirmal Sigdel: President of United Alumni Association
KMC Lalitpur

14 November 2022, Nepal Academy Hall

United Academy (UA) celebrated its 25th welcome program chaired by Principal Dr. Lal Rapacha at Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi, Kathmandu after two years of COVID-19 disruption. Normally, Grade XII students welcome their juniors with their performances and create a good bonding with each other in this program. This welcome culture has been going on for the last 24 years but this time UA had something new to offer to its students. UA for the first time introduced United Alumni Association (UAA) and United Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Incubation (UCEII) to this historical or Silver Jubilee Batch of Grade XI students.

Along with the exhilarating performances of senior-students side by side, their hunger for curiosity was satiated by experts on what the UAA and UCEII are actually. On this occasion, UAA invited its President Mr. Nirmal Sigdel, the year 2000 batch to shed light on students’ curiosity about the Association. As one of the most important alumni, President Sigdel introduced the Association among students.

President Sigdel in the past had joined UA for his +2 and stayed with us till his Master’s Degree at United College (UC). After his higher education at United College (UC), he emerged as a successful business tycoon. His success has inspired many UA and UC students and he still is a close mate of UA and UC staff. Similarly, motivational speaker Ms. Mannsi Agrawal spoke on the importance of students’ extra skills learning beyond the core area of their choice of discipline shedding light on UCEII.

It was a proud moment for each alumnus of United when President Sigdel sat on the panel row of the institution’s BoDs including all other dignitaries like Principals, Academic Head, Coordinators, and Asst. Coordinators present in the program.

President Sigdel representing 20,000+ alumni introduced UAA and its purpose. He mentioned how grateful he was to be standing on the stage delivering a speech in front of the whole United family and representing the alumni. He remembered his mischievous and troublesome attitudes of defying ‘rule or discipline’ but also realized that discipline is the maker of mankind.

He has announced to support UA and its alumni by trying to bring as many benefits as possible to the alumni. He always wanted to do something good and was trying to find a way to give back to his college. By being nominated as UAA’s president he would finally give something back to the college as his second home. He wants to bring all former students together either physically or digitally interlocking them in a strong networking team. To help uplift or promote each other will be UAA’s main motive and he is working on making a stronger team for making all these happen. 

Another alumni Rishav Nayak (UAA’s youngest BoD) and also Alan Shah, one of our most supportive alumni members were present in the program. They did not just attend the program but assisted us in videography of the beautiful moments of our students’ performances.

Both of them took over the official social media pages of UA and UAA and posted pictures and video clips from their own perspective. They are not only supportive but equally talented in photography, videography and editing. We were surprised with how beautiful pictures came out and the moments they captured in the program were amazing.  Overall, the welcome program by Grade XII to their freshers was a great success in presence of some other ex-students too.

Author: Monika Poudel

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