KCM Hult Thrift Mela

March 09, 2023
Last updated March 22, 2023

Hult Prize Kathmandu College of Management organized a thrift mela on Hult day with the motto of sustainable fashion and influencing the students to buy through thrift to promote sustainable fashion and sustainability.

The thrift mela took place in the premises of Kathmandu College of Management, Gwarko. The participation of the students was overwhelming, moreover we could also see teachers participating in the Thrift Mela.

During the thrift mela, guests who are inclined towards sustainability and fashion were invited. Some of our guests were; thrift gage, Sukhawati, thrifting forever and many more. They also had different stalls for food, face painting, souvenirs and so on. To make the session more interactive, they also had a game of guessing the numbers and winning the prize where there was a lot of engagement from the audiences.

This year's campus director from Hult Prize KCM 2023, Ms. Subi Kaphle has mentioned, "With this year's theme on 'Redesigning Fashion', we with our hardworking team sought that thrifting could be a great start to our step, and what better way to reflect was from those who were doing it already. We are thankful to the participating thrift stores 'Thrifting Forever', 'Thrift Gage', and 'Sukhawati Thrift Store' who helped us aware of this step to be this event grand." This was just the first step taken by Hult KCM that would promote sustainability in the fashion industry. This event created awareness amongst the students about the importance of sustainable fashion and ways as to how they can promote sustainability in the fashion industry.

About Hult

The Hult Prize is a global competition for the most prestigious group of driven, like-minded students to create an impact with a potential challenged by some of the world’s most pressing issues . Complimenting this year’s theme, ‘Redesigning Fashion’, teams will be coming together to pitch their ideas, and the best one will be the winner of this year’s Hult Prize.

The competition is open to students from all over the world, and teams will be judged on their ability to create a viable business model that can be implemented in the real world. Teams will have access to mentors, resources, and funding to help them develop their ideas. If you would like to know more about Hult Prize, visit their website www.hultprize.org
If you would like to know more about Hult Prize KCM, visit their website https://oncampus.hultprize.org/kathmanducollegeofmanagement

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