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Joining the Fight Against HIV

December 04, 2022
Last updated December 14, 2022
Joining the Fight Against HIV
KMC Lalitpur

United Alumni Association held a small campaign on the United Academy grounds on December 1 in honour of World Aids Day. Everyone needs to be aware of what AIDS is and how it spreads; it is nothing to be ashamed of to talk about. The United Alumni team sought to educate the kids about AIDS while also demonstrating their support for those who were afflicted.

We held a screening of the critically acclaimed film Philadelphia, which centres on AIDS awareness. The film was shown to some staff members, alumni, and bachelor's students. We received assistance from alumni, bachelor's, and +2 students in creating a backdrop in front of the United Coffee Club and crafting AIDS awareness badges. Along with the badges, we also had some bookmarks for sale. It was a small gesture to demonstrate our support for those with AIDS. The money was donated to Sparsha Nepal, an NGO, through the donation box and sales. Sparsha Nepal (Society for positive Atmosphere and Related Support to HIV and AIDS) is an NGO working in the field of HIV and AIDS since 2002.

Two screenings of the film were held, one at 8:30 AM and the other at 2 PM. The entire crowd adored the film and had a great time watching it. Since it’s the World Cup season, we also included a few WorldCup recaps during the breaks. 

Through this initiative, alumni were introduced to current students and other alumni, forging a unique link between them. Overall, the campaign was successful. We forged new connections and made an effort to show that we support those who are HIV-positive and are prepared to do what we can to assist them. We sincerely wish to expand each year and provide more support.

Author: Monika Poudel

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