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Jasmati Gurung from United College Tops Tribhuvan University Examination 2079

January 20, 2023
Jasmati Gurung from United College Tops Tribhuvan University Examination 2079

Academic achievement is a student's greatest success. Every student aspires to have excellent results. Likewise "Jasmita Gurung" from United College has topped the BBM 4th Semester TU Examination 2079 with a grade point of 3.99. 

According to Jasmati, education is crucial to everyone's survival and the only way to free ourselves from the grip of darkness is via education itself and enabling us to become better versions of ourselves every day than we were the day before.

Jasmati claims that she has not always been the smartest student. She tells us that ever since she was a young child, she has been a shy, average student. She believes that everything changed when she adopted the proper mindset and had the appropriate people behind her. 

Jasmati credits her family, school, and professors for her academic success. Jasmati passed her SEE from United Universal School in the year 2073 before deciding to return and pursue a Bachelor's degree at United College. She advocates that “United College” was one of the best steps in her educational journey as got to learn from the best professors and environment at United College. She highlights the name of “Mr. Anup Shakya”, the Program Coordinator at UnitedCollege, who saw her genuine potential and always helped her in every way he could.

She shares the key to her academic success, emphasizing that constancy and unwavering work have allowed her to succeed in both life and school. 

All students should make an effort to enhance their grades and should never give up attempting to identify the methods that are most effective for them, advises Jasmati for all the students on improving their studies. 

"Jasmati Gurung" is a true example of one of those students, who replicates that with sheer hard work and dedication, one can definitely change their circumstances.

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