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Hult Prize 2022 at Saraswati Multiple Campus

March 08, 2022

Hult prize at Saraswati Multiple Campus has successfully conducted different sessions virtually.

First Session: Orientation Session

A short session was conducted with CR of SMC. The main objective of the session was to focus on the work, to make the event successful, what each individual has to do, their responsibilities towards the college. Campus director Bidur Prasad Lohani hosted the session also he explained each of their roles and he assigned the work to each class representative. CCR Aaditya Acharya shared his views, experience regarding the Hult Prize.

Second Session: The Information Session

On February 2, the Hult prize at Saraswati Multiple Campus community met up for an invigorating talk series: The information session about the HULT, and the idea of pitching the business idea  which marks the First stage of the series. The evening was dedicated to exploring the business ideas, benefits of the HULT prize as a global leading platform. More than 50 participants interacted over a span of one and a half hour exploring and discussing ideas, asking questions and being answered.

The event was started by greetings to the audience and guest speaker with the host of session Mr. Aman Karki and Ms. Merina Mandal, Campus Director Bidur Prasad Lohani. Shortly after the greetings our guest speaker Mr. Sujen Shrestha joined the session. He is the Deputy Community Director serving three years straight, on HULT prize and is a final year mechanical engineering student. 

Mr. Sujen Shrestha, Deputy Director, He led a very interactive and energetic session. He talked about the principles of pitching, urging the participants to orient their ideas best suiting their motives. He provided the reason to join the HULT prize and also introduced the HULT prize as a global leading platform, also the challenges of the HULT prize. He spoke in detail about how to develop company ideas, citing Daraz, Foodmandu, and Pathao as examples. During an interactive Q/A session, he addressed queries of the audience, the fear of public speaking and pitching confidently.

Third Training Session: Business Planning

On February 10Hult prize at SMC community conducted “Business planning training” through the virtual meet. Over 50 participants interacted throughout 2 hours. Despite the limitations of an online medium, the enthusiasm of individuals could be felt throughout the event. Susan Dangol, He is CEO of Sankata Education Academy also an former Campus Director of Hult prize, Purbanchal University.

With his amazing presentation skills, he gave an elaborate, insightful and useful session about business ideas, team/staff, organization and management, financial planning, required startups, sources of capital and marketing approaches in a business. He went into every aspect of starting and growing a business, taught about pitching an idea to the investors and guided about the upcoming challenges. Through a Q/A session, he addressed queries of the audience, pitching the business ideas.

Fourth Training Session: Presentation idea with Sushil Budhathoki

The next guest speaker was Sushil Budhathoki, the chief marketing director at ATTM College. He led a very interactive and energetic session. He explained about the investment pitching, explained about the competitor’s as well as oriented the best motives of the investors.

Fifth Training Session: Shaping your entrepreneurship Journey: Business life Coaching

In an effort to assist students’ entrepreneur ability, SMC conducted its third virtual session by inviting the most aspiring motivator Mr.Saunak Bhatta. He is a renowned Speaker, Professional Trainer, Life Upgrading Coach and Corporate Trainer. Over 50 participants interacted throughout 2 hours though there was a time limit. The prime purpose of this session was to enhance the entrepreneur's ability and also escort them about the challenges and fear of public speaking, assumption and also skill enhancement. He answered all the queries of the participants, taught them to tackle the problems and gave them the solution. He gave us the idea to present ourselves. He gave a beautiful insight on how to not get overwhelmed by the small success of other people if we have a big dream. He made us clear on cultivating ourselves to improve on future endeavors.

Sixth Training Session: Business Model Canvas

On March 1, the Hult Prize at SMC successfully completed the third session of Mini Accelerator on the Business Model Canvas.  A special thanks to Mr. Prawesh Gautam for his time and dedication which has given our participants required skills on describing, visualizing, assessing and defining their business  concept. A huge shoutout to our facilitator, participants, team and everyone involved inclusively or exclusively. The event, hosted by Merina Mandal, began with greetings to the audience and the session guest, Mr. Prawesh Gautam, who also happens to be the Deputy Director of Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Co-owner of Chiya’s and Faculty member at Pokhara College of Management and La Grande International College and HR Consultant at Urja Lab. He told the attendees about design thinking: what it is, what it is used for, what the process is like, and what the advantages are. He also outlined business concept requirements and demonstrated how to make a business model. He also shared information regarding essential activities, resources, and partners, as well as cost structure and income streams.

 Though the session was time limited, every individual who attended the workshop benefited. There was a short Q/A round where  participants’ queries were answered.

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