How to get Recommendation to get Scholarships in Nepal

February 04, 2022
Last updated February 13, 2022

(1) A person who wants to be a candidate in reserved seat pursuant to Rule 10A, shall attach the recommendation which certifies that he/she belongs to that community received from following bodies:

(a) Disable person shall take recommendation from National Federation of Disable Persons or concerned district administration office.
(b) Janjati shall take recommendation from Janjati Utthan National Academy or concerned district administration office.
(c) Dalit shall take recommendation from National Dalit Commission or concerned district administration office.
(d) Person from remote area shall take from concerned Village Development Committee or municipality.
(e) Person from Maddesi community shall take from concerned district administration office.
(f) Person from Muslim community shall take from concerned district administration office. 
(g)Disappeared person or Martyar family and injured person or their children shall take from Ministry of Home Affairs or concerned district administration office.

(2) While submitting recommendation from Village Development Committee or Municipality by a person from remote area or referred to in Clause (d) of Sub-rule (1), shall require to have been proved that he/she was permanently residing in that area at the time of application and shall also submit the citizenship certificate that received from such district which mentions that he/she is a permanent resident of backward remote area.

(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-rule (1), the person who wants to be a candidate in reserved seat pursuant to 10A, the applicant shall submit recommendation pursuant to Rule 13 which
disclose that he/she belongs to a poor family, in format prescribed in Schedule 1B from concerned Village Development Committee or Municipality.

(4) If a 19disable or injured person wants to apply for studying Medical Science or Engineering subject, he/she shall submit recommendation disclosing the fact that he/she is capable to study such subject from a registered doctor in addition to the recommendation pursuant to Clause (a) of Sub-rule (1). 

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