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Grade 12 Model Questions 2080

April 13, 2023
Last updated April 04, 2024
Grade 12 Model Questions 2080
KMC Lalitpur

Nepal Government, National Examination Board (NEB), Examination Controller's Office, Sanothimi Bhaktapur has published the new curriculum model questions for grade 12. The model questions are posted with the aim of simplifying and clarifying the question papers of the subjects being taught in Grade 12. 

The sample question papers of thirty subjects of the syllabus received from the seminar were conducted with the participation of the relevant subject experts and evaluation experts. Below are the model questions for Grade 12.

Grade 12 Model Questions for

Compulsory Nepali.pdf

Compulsory English.pdf

Compulsory Social Studies and Life Skill.pdf

Compulsory Mathematics.pdf


Accounting Set A.pdf

Accounting Set B.pdf

Rural Development.pdf

Nepalese Legal System.pdf

Instructional Pedagogy and Evaluation.pdf


Education and Development.pdf

Legal Drafting.pdf


Business Studies.pdf

Population Studies.pdf



Tourism and Mountaineering Studies.pdf


Civil and Criminal Law and Justice.pdf

Optional Nepali.pdf

Optional English.pdf

Business Mathematics.pdf

Environmental Science.pdf

General Law.pdf


Computer Science.pdf

Hotel Management.pdf

Mass Communication.pdf

Health and Physical Education.pdf

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