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English Sample Question (Lower Secondary Level):Teacher Service Commission

December 30, 2021
English Sample Question (Lower Secondary Level):Teacher Service Commission
KMC Lalitpur

 Government of Nepal

Teacher Service Commission

Open Competitive Examination

Level: Lower Secondary, Subject: English Sample Question Paper 2078

Full Marks:100 Pass Marks:40  Time: 3hrs

Attempt all questions

Section A: Pedagogy

1) Teaching speaking is a challenging job for basic level English language learners. You  have to teach speaking skill to Grade 6 students. How do you teach speaking skills  creatively? Develop lesson plan to teach speaking skill for grade 6 students.  (4+6=10)

2) What kinds of professional development activities are required to support English  language teachers in a multilingual classroom? Describe any three of them. (10)

3) It is said that ICT helps teachers to introduce new pedagogical tools in English language  classrooms. It allows teachers to produce and modify resources quickly and easily. As an  English language teacher, do you see any shortcomings in using ICT tools in the  Nepalese context? Justify. (10)

Section B: Content

1) Compare English sound system with Nepali sound system and point out the similarities  and differences between them. Why do native speakers of English feel difficulty in  pronouncing nasalized Nepali sounds? (6+4=10)

2) Write a short story by using local characters and context on one issue of your local  community. (10)

3) Our classrooms receive students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Their knowledge of  culture has often been underused and devalued in teaching English language. What effect  of this do you see in students' learning of English? (10)

द्रष्टव्य: पाठ्यक्रमको खण्ड क बाट पूर्णाङ्क ५० का ५ प्रश्न र खण्ड ख बाट पूर्णाङ्क ५० का ५ प्रश्न गरी १०० पूर्णाङ्कको परीक्षाका लागि यस्तै प्रकृतिका प्रश्नहरू दिइने छ ।

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