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Bachelor in International Culinary Arts Launched by Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management

February 22, 2022
KMC Lalitpur

Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management officially launched the much anticipated and first ever Bachelor in International Culinary Arts (BICA), a 4 years degree program, amidst dignitaries, hospitality educators, culinary specialists, tourism experts, students and hotel fraternities at Hotel Marriott, Kathmandu. 

This BICA program is in affiliation with Queen Margaret University, UK and approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Nepal and equivalency provided by the Tribhuvan University, Nepal. 

After long years of research and homework, Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management realized that Nepal is ready for the unique program, which not only empowers the youth with career oriented degree, but also fills in the gap to promote the authentic Nepali cuisine in an international arena. Our goal is to develop our students professionally and academically in specialized segments in the hotel industry. Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management boasts of state of the art facilities and a well curated team of faculty and trainers, where we provide our students with industry-specific skills along with the academic and practical haining focused on immersive research, 100% guaranteed internships and intensive curriculum.

This four-year program is specifically designed for students who aspke to specialize in fool production.  This course is one of the highly successful curriculums and has produced magnificent chefs, culinary experts and entrepreneurs in the world of culinary arts. Along with specialization on cooking aspects, this degree also incorporates other key hospitality components such as research, sustainability, entrepreneurship, leadership and production.

During the event, speakers emphasized on the need of an hour to produce a world-class chefs in Nepal. They highlighted the importance of sustainability and career growth and how this degree will empower our passionate youth to not only become glorious chefs worldwide, but it's also an entrepreneurial opportunity and the possibility to create a job market, here in our own country.

Chairman Mr. Samir Thapa summoned a few of his words in the event, "To add up the value to BICA program, SMSHM has taken the initiative to establish the National Culinary and Gastronomy Research centre for the students to do research in such subject for the first time in Nepal. As French are the master of World's Cuisine Industry, Silver Mountain SHM has realized that our students are very much required to gain knowledge in French fine dining. So, we are planning to open a French Fine Dining Restaurant for the public in our own premises by next 3 months from now in our teaching hotel school."

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